It's been published for years Dragon Ball Super, the midquel set after the fight with Majin Buu ends and before the original manga ends. Goku, Vegeta and their companions continue to fight with increasingly stronger and more absurd enemies from the point of view of the powers that be. Currently the Saiyans are busy with molo.

While the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super are in danger of dying at the hands of the enemy, i Fans seem to appreciate these recent face reversals. Some of the final chapters have actually been collected in Dragon Ball Super Volume 13, the new Tankobon that will allow even those who only read about tape in the middle of a battle with the invincible wizard.

The well-known company Oricon sales in Japanese stores found that Volume 13 sold 112,997 copies in the first week. The results were collected between August 3rd and 9th are the best in Dragon Ball Super and probably much can be traced back to the originality of this phase, which was not told in the anime and from the beginning of the last fight.

It should be noted that Dragon Ball Super's results are decent and noticeably smaller than those of the Shonen industry, whatever they are Consolidation on numbers that result in a fairly long serialization.

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