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Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9: Do they all hate me ?! It's a joke?!

In Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Chapter 9, after the return of Wendelin and his group, the kingdom decides the rewards for himself, taking into account his achievements and all the materials they obtained from the labyrinth. Adding an immense amount of money for each of the members. Money that ends up being in Wendelin's hands after the others decided it for the great sum that was.

While in the capital, Wendelin learns of the rumor of his death, and, with his plans to leave the capital and continue his work as an adventurer, he needs someone to take care of the mansion. Work entrusted to Roderich. Who is also responsible for investigating the rumor to find the person responsible for its creation.

At the farewell party held by Wendelin before leaving the capital, Roderich tells him about the one who created the rumor, being the auditor Luckner. Younger brother of the kingdom's finance officer, and also Roderich's father. During the party, a pink-haired girl forcibly enters and immediately goes to Wendelin's table to eat Parpatana. Soon after, Marshal Edgar introduces her as Vilma Etole von Asgahan, her daughter. Asking Baron Baumeister to hire her as a bodyguard or even to take her as his wife.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš


In Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9 several interesting characters appeared, however, there are three specifically that caught my attention the most because of the role they had, will have or could have had in previous chapters. One of them is the director of the laboratory, Lucas Goetz Beckenbauer. Since I think it must have had more prominence in this episode. While I didn't expect I would have too much screen time, I feel like it was too short, especially for such an interesting status.

Vilma Etole von Asgahan is the new girl in the group. Almost certainly one more member of the Wendelin harem. It is barely their presentation in the series, so I did not expect to see much of it, however, they did mention and show more than one thing that made me interested in it. From its aesthetic aspect, to its gluttonous personality. They make it a potential waifu. However, what caught my attention the most was the β€˜hero syndrome' suffering. Since they explained it as if it were a β€œdisease”, then, although you achieve great physical strength, it seems that you do it involuntarily, so the special diet is needed to keep the person in good condition.

I certainly think Vilma has great potential to become the waifu more than one, especially for their way of being and their expressions. However, it is still too early for me to see it that way. Perhaps with what he shows in the future he will change his mind, but at the moment he is in third place among the female characters of this anime.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

The last character with a leading role in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9 was the winner of the spear branch in the martial arts tournament, Roderich. Someone who not only played a leading role in this episode, also mentioned a bit of his past as an illegitimate son of auditor Luckner. To be honest, I was glad to see Roderich achieve his goal of working for Wendelin, however I think the job was too sudden and burdensome for someone β€œhypothetically” just hired. I felt like important parts had been skipped before this. Something like what happened with Wendelin's training with Alfred. They were parts that could give more meaning and depth to their relationship, but were omitted.

As for the antagonist, Auditor Luckner, I have nothing to say. He didn't last long as a villain and didn't show great potential from the start. At least not by himself. Things could change once he got together with others who don't like Baron Baumeister. And he could even take advantage of Kurt one more time to diplomatically confront Wendelin.

The plot of the arch

In Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9 we could see the creation of the Sinister Six, I mean, of the meeting of those who do not appreciate Baron Baumeister. Something that at first glance seems to be the main antagonists of the arc. And maybe they are somewhat involved. However, with the rumor created by Roderich to fight fire with fire, they will be very much at the limit of what they could have done before. So everything will focus much more on Kurt and his bad relationship with his younger brother.

I personally don't think Kurt has the "patience" (to put it in any way) to entrust the murder of Wendelin to someone else. From what I see as possible, he may try it himself in a fit of anger and / or jealousy. Something I think will or will happen in this arc. I really hope that this arc with the problems and dangers that a noble can have will last until the end of the series. Of course, several chapters are still missing for this, so there is still the possibility that just the last episode is from a time after (much or little) this arc.

Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Curiously, almost nothing has appeared related to the trailer which was shown to give a preview of this bow. But I do not think it takes much longer to show clues and scenes of this in the next chapter.

Details Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9

There were definitely several moments that caught my attention because of the unknowns they generated at the time. Even if soon after they tried to explain some of them to make sense. One of the main ones without a doubt was Roderich's sudden β€œcontract”. Who spent 3 years being ignored by Wendelin, despite the fact that he managed to demonstrate his strength during the martial arts tournament. In Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9 simply contacted him and asked him to take care of the huge mansion in the capital. He didn't even have a promotion or previous job with the Baron.

Another striking detail was the broken cup in which Armstrong drank tea. An omen of bad luck in many parts, although, as previously shown in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou!, it seems that there are no "superstitions" in that world. Perhaps there are, but they are not named as such, but are attributed to something else, quite possibly involved with magic. In any case, the omen has already been shown and it is obvious that it will be involved with this bow, however it remains to be seen what specifically it is involved with.

Finally, a point that, although I thought they had given him an explanation, when I thought about it and reviewed it a little, I noticed a hole in that "patch" called explanation. I'm talking about how Roderich discovered that it was Auditor Luckner who was responsible for creating the rumor of Wendelin's death. Mainly because only one scene appeared in which you could suppose Roderich knew the truth, despite the fact that he was outside his father's mansion, without having heard anything that worked as hard evidence. The explanation was given when he confessed to being the illegitimate son of the auditor, which made me suppose he knew that his father was capable of doing that by proxy. But when did he have time to create and spread the rumor about the auditor and his intention to keep the Baron from returning from the maze?

In addition, when telling Wendelin the information, Roderich also tells him the content of the letter that the auditor had sent to the Baumeister mansion with Kurt as the recipient. Letter that by the way, only the auditor and the courier should know of their existence. And not only that, at the end of the chapter, Wendelin arrives at the mansion along with his companions, just at the moment when Kurt rejoiced with joy when he learned the death of his younger brother and that his children should inherit the dominions of this .

Basically, there was never a time when Roderich could get to know the content of the letter. Although this perhaps could have had an explanation in the novel and the manga, in the adaptation it left a large gap without sealing.

The end of Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 9 was quite exciting, with the arrival of Wendelin at his old home. So I can not help but be excited to see how it will continue from that moment. And I look forward to seeing the next episode.


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