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This review on Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Contains spoilers. If you have not seen the chapters, we recommend you do it and then return to read the review.

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Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8: Is he dead ?! It's a joke?!

In Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Chapter 8, Wendelin and company have become adults. Getting the age to be adventurers. Thinking that they would be free for a time, but being entrusted with the mission of investigating the ruins of a labyrinth. Being guided by Brantag.

On the way to enter the ruins, Brantag tells them everything he knows about the mission and why the kingdom specifically entrusted it to Wendelin and his group. They advanced without any problem, everything being calm. Until they fell into a trap, they teleported them to the top floor of the maze. Having to climb little by little to be able to leave the ruins. And engaging in long battles on each floor they reached.

In the kingdom, after several days of the baron's absence, rumors of his death began to spread. And many nobles were happy with this, some taking advantage of the situation for their own gain.

After many fights, Wendelin, his team and Brantag manage to get to a floor that seems clear. However, his enemy was more than just an army of golems. A golem dragon. With great resistance to magic, Brantag and Wendelin could only create a barrier to defend themselves. While Iina, Erwin and Louise stopped the constant assault of golems from behind. Now taking the offensive and using all of his magical power alongside that of Brantag and Elise, Wendelin defeats the dragon. And with the fall of this, the golems stopped moving.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

The "arch" of the ruins

While the previous episode it was about the martial arts tournament in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8 made a direct jump to the "arches" of the ruins. Something that I personally felt somewhat rushed. Not to the point of believing that it would take much more time for it to happen, but I did feel differently about the time transition that occurred in the anime. By this I mean that, unlike the first chapters, when Wendelin goes from being a little boy of 5 to that boy of 12 in adventurer school. That happened from one moment to the next, but I didn't feel like there was anything missing to show during this time.

A more concordant example of what I mean perhaps during Wendelin's training with his teacher, Alfred. Well, there was more than one omitted scene that could have given more emotion to the farewell between them.

In the same way I felt that omission in scenes for the time transition of the previous episode to Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8. For example, if they had shown a short scene of how they got their new equipment I would have been satisfied.

Now, speaking of the plot of the "arc", I think the adaptation must have lasted at least two chapters. Well, it seems to me that this arc has (or should have had) a great weight to mark the protagonist and the characters involved. Starting from falling into the trap, going through all those battles, and of course, fighting an enemy with great resistance to the one who should take care of those problems. Wendelin against the golem dragon. A confrontation that I think must have left a mark on Wendelin's mentality. But that was not reflected, either by the adaptation or by the story itself.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

In the same way, this final battle of the ruins must have better shown the mentality of the characters. From the old one they had, to traces of a new and improved way of thinking. With an Erwin, Iina and Louise perhaps showing a flashback of their training with their respective teachers. Remembering a perfect teaching for that situation.

For her part, Elise would show more helplessness for not being able to help in combat directly, pressuring herself to help even more than just healing at the moment. Which would unleash your reason for using the Miraculous Light. Also showing a flashback of his grandfather talking to him about the spell and its ravages on her, considering it to be sacred-type magic.

I honestly feel that this "bow" had for much more than what they showed. Inside and even outside the ruins. From the ancient magic civilization, which might be linked to Wendelin in some way, for which he would show more interest. Even what happened in the kingdom and the nobles, mainly with the irrational decision to send a β€œnewly formed” group to a place where veteran adventurers have perished.

Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Ancient magic civilization

I must accept that this civilization has attracted my attention since the first time it was mentioned, since, as I said before, I have the feeling that it is linked to Wendelin in some way. For example, the reason that his consciousness ended in the eighth son of the Baumeister family.

Personally, in a similar situation (in which I was suddenly taken to a different world), my main question would be what is my job in that world. Leaving aside the possibility of returning to my original world, I would focus on whether I was randomly involved or was it for a more specific reason. And the first place I would investigate would be Legends, as they could give me clues about this.

That is why I took an interest in the ancient magic civilization. In addition to the fact that there is also its technology, which seems more advanced than the current one and with peculiar touches that would make me suspect the possibility of not having been the only "earthling" to have arrived in that world. Regardless of the time.

Sure, that's my point of view and what I would do personally. But still, I think they are quite ignoring the ancient magic civilization. Since, with that description, I can't help but imagine that Wendelin and / or Alfred have taken an interest in the magic spells that were lost over time.

The ancient magic civilization has been mentioned or involved on more than one occasion in the plot of the series so that they have not shown a bit of interest. Although perhaps this changes with the legacy of knowledge left by the former Earl Ichelberg. And I sincerely hope that it does, even if it is a minimal interest and / or not even for the protagonist.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Details of Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8

For the moment I will put aside everything involved in the quality of animation with the anime, since with the state of emergency that it is going through in Japan I cannot assure that its low quality is strictly because of the studio. Of course, this would change if they announced that anime production has been terminated.

The plot in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8 could have been better. Detailing it further, even if that meant lasting more than one episode. I think it would have been the best decision. For example, leaving the battle against the golem dragon for the next episode, in order to give more importance to that part of the "bow". Leaving as the final scene of Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 8 to an injured Iina receiving healing from Elise, while Lousie and Erwin defended the rear, and Wendelin and Brantag were busy defending against the attacks of the golem dragon. It would have been an excellent ending to the episode, leaving uncertainty of what would happen next.

Recently, the official page of Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! He showed in advance the plot for the next "arc". Plot that looks much more mature. In which we will see the other part that involves being a noble, the one that involves great general risks.

We are already in chapter 8, which would normally mean already being in 2/3 parts of the anime broadcast (in case it lasts 12 episodes). From what I imagine all the remaining chapters or at least most will be centered on this arc. That, by the way, a new female character is already appearing who will undoubtedly get involved with Wendelin, although, due to the plot, it will be necessary to see whose side he is on.


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