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Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 10: Complaints ?! It's a joke?!

In Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Chapter 10, Wendelin and company went to the Baumeister domains on a mission to purify the 2,000 soldiers who died in the Forest of Evil raid 15 years ago. Among which are some who departed with the help of the Baumeister domain. Generating friction with Kurt, the next heir of the domain, however, it was not in his abilities to choose since the current Lord Baumeister was present.

Once in the Forest of Evil, Wendelin and Elise were in charge of creating an area to purify all the undead that entered. While Brantag, Iina, Louise and Erwin would cause the arrival of the undead and take care of those undead who could be kept in the purification area by a large number of these.

When they purified all the undead, both soldiers and beasts, they return to the Baumeister domain to hand over their belongings to the families of the soldiers who fell in battle. Later they went to the Duchy BleichrΓΆder to deliver the belongings of all the other soldiers. But, as they finished reviewing all this equipment, Wendelin and company should wait in the Baumeister domains.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 10
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

The next heir to the Baumeister domain

Since the beginning of the anime, we have been shown and mentioned that Kurt will be the heir to the lands belonging to his father. With the protagonist deciding to take his own path becoming an adventurer. However, all of Wendelin's achievements have resulted in him achieving a nobility title higher than his father's, creating the possibility that Wendelin will be decided to inherit the domains. This was even taken into account from before, with Alfred's teachings on magic and wizards. Since these are so rare that the mere fact that Wendelin was one already put Kurt's inheritance at risk. Which led Wendelin to keep his mastery of magic hidden until he left home.

This family dispute was already raised very early in the series. But it is not until this new arc that all this is taking action. Showing a Kurt fearful of the possibility of losing the inheritance he always believed he would get. Even though his little younger brother has already formed his own Baumeister lineage. Generating resentment and hatred towards Wendelin just for the small chance that it would happen.

While Wendelin is not looking for a family dispute, much less looking to keep the Baumeister domain lands. However, the kingdom does want Wendelin to inherit them. Since, unlike his older brother, he will have a better deal with the kingdom and taxpayers. Returning to Wendelin in a mere puppet of the kingdom to be able to achieve his objectives, which very surely has to do with the Forest of Evil, since the Baumesiter domain is the closest to it.

Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Honestly, with form it was advancing Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 10 I realized the objective of the kingdom. Before they even confirmed it at the end of the episode. Which gives more depth to the plot of the anime, which, apparently from its broadcast, is focusing much more on political issues involved with the nobles.

I must confess that this arch is fascinating and intriguing me more and more for what it contributes in its history. Something rare in the genre Isekai.

The fate of the Baumeister domain

As already seen in previous chapters, either by showing it directly or by simple mentions, the Baumesiter domain will get Kurt as the new lord. Character that I despise with all my being for his arrogant and obstinate personality. Something you can see in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 10 on how you address yourself when talking to other people, even those who have a higher title than you do not yet have. He seriously expected to be silenced from the start when Wendelin and Brantag went to speak to Mister Baumeister.

It was very frustrating to see how Kurt spoke to Wendelin or Brantag like that, even with his father present. I would have been satisfied with the simple fact that Wendelin first displayed his "political power" by his position in the nobility, comparing it to his father's position. Although this is not typical of Wendelin.

Although I don't like Kurt's character at all, and since his appearance in recent chapters, I've been waiting for the conflict to reach the point of combat. Basically, I want to see his head roll. However, their thinking and goals for developing the land are not wrong. He knows that the Baumeister domain is poor, and a purification, which involves the church in some way, would also involve a "price" or "donation" to it. Money that currently does not have the Baumeister domain. So I don't blame him I would like to refuse purification. Although he also knew that they would have their benefits if they wanted to enter the Forest of Evil for the commission that represented as profit. Of course, that did not give him the right to want to get more money than normal, especially to increase it when he is not even the lord of those lands yet.

Another of his actions that was for the development of the land was his demand for the weapons and armor that they recovered from the undead soldiers. Obtaining iron, which was scarce in the place. However, once again, his authoritarian and slightly tyrannical attitude make him look like the villain of the arch. Although basically they would be good things for the Baumeister domain and its development.

If Kurt had a different personality, things would go much better in terms of his acceptance of his own people as his next lord. For example, instead of demanding the equipment of the fallen soldiers to get iron, he would have left the ad for those who wanted to donate it of their own free will, it would have better acceptance. Although I doubt someone donated it, since they would be used as a substitute instead of the bodies of their relatives.

But, his personality is not only made by someone his own people do not want as their lord. Neither did the kingdom, as they would involve a host of future problems when they wanted to take advantage of its proximity to the Forest of Evil. While it has its point, I also don't like the idea that Wendelin is the lord of the Baumeister domain, especially since he doesn't realize it is being used by the kingdom.

Since the beginning of Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! I knew that they would touch on topics of this style, quite focused on politics linked to the nobles. However, so far there have been many occasions when, had I been the protagonist of the story, I would have made a completely different decision. Well, even though Wendelin wanted to be "free" by becoming an adventurer, he was already bound by the kingdom and has been ignoring it.

Details of Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 10

This episode was quite focused on the main plot of the anime, so I ended up examining the characters' dialogs and voices more than the animation itself. Since in most of the chapter a fluid movement of the characters was not needed. However, in the little action that took place in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 10 did not show good animation quality either. They were mostly simple images that changed after a short time, "showing" the combat that was taking place. While I can ignore that, whoever wanted to show the scene of Wilma against the wyvern undead could have had a much greater impact. Well technically it is the first time we see it in real action.

However, there were also times when the animation was more than decent, managing to show what they wanted to convey. At least it was like that in my case. I am referring to the reunion between Wendelin and Amelie. Presenting Amelie with a look that didn't show she was just thinking about her children while talking to Wendelin. Personally I felt in that look a slight touch of sadness and happiness. A melancholic look. The first possibly because of what her husband is like, while the second is due to the appearance of Wendein. I can't say that this second one means romantic affection until this one, but comparing it to Kurt I wouldn't blame her for wanting to look for a better life.

As I already mentioned, this episode is very focused on political issues and those that could lead to a dispute. So I hope at least keep the same tension in the next chapter. Of course, showing the conversation between Wendelin and Brantag. Although you can imagine what they would talk about for the actions of Brantag by eating only their rations, without trying something that could be altered, either by poison or by some anesthetic drug that left them unconscious and in danger.


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