Tonari no Young Jump, Shueisha's web magazine focused on the distribution of manga for teenagers and young adults, surprisingly published the "chapter 0" of BNA: Brand New Animal, the anime of Studio Trigger coming soon to Netflix. The official website confirmed the serialization of the entire first season.

This is yet another good news for fans of the opera, who last month had already celebrated the arrival of a prequel in a light novel version. It is currently unclear how often the chapters will be published, but it has been confirmed that the drawings will be made by Inio Asano, author of Heroes, The Fall and The city of light.

For hardened readers it is an excellent opportunity to approach the work, waiting for the Netflix debut scheduled for June 30, 2020. For the less familiar, remember that the synopsis of the anime reads as follows: "Set in a world where humanity has discovered the existence of a new species of anthropomorphic animals called "beastkin", the story tells the adventures of Michiru Kagemori, a student who suddenly turned into an animal. Frightened, the girl runs away to the city of Anima, a town built to house her new species. Here Michiru meets Shirou Ogami, a werewolf who deeply hates humans, and begins to investigate to find out the causes of his transformation".

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