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Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8: Scrambled Eggs

With the help of Itsuki, Futaro manages to find time to talk to the other quintuplets and discover the wrong Itsuki. However, when she enters her room, she finds everyone dressed as Itsuki, so a new game begins to differentiate them. Question each of them individually but with no good results, with the exception of Yotsuba, who accidentally gave himself up. However, he loses track of who Yotsuba was when everyone comes together.

Nino turns to Ichika for advice regarding love as she is the only one he can talk to about the subject. Although his way of realizing his love seems rushed, Nino won't give up to get Futaro's attention and asks Ichika for help to meet him alone that night. What Ichika would have to do is stop his father when he was looking for Nino. However, following a conversation with Yotsuba, Ichika accepts that she doesn't want to give up on Futaro so easily and lets her father go without seeing her.

The next day, the fake Itsuki and Futaro meet again before the trip is over that afternoon. Since Futaro couldn't tell them apart in the quintuplets game, he wants a rematch by at least finding out who's behind the wrong Itsuki. With the advice he received from the real Itsuki and the grandfather of the quintuplets, Futaro, Nino and Yotsuba manage to separate from the possible perpetrators, leaving only Ichika and Miku. Having concluded that it was Ichika, however, he realizes it was really Miku.

Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8
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Why do you want to distinguish them? What do you hope to achieve through differentiation?

Differentiating the quintuplets has always been a plot-related issue, mainly because of the poor performance Futaro puts on it. Yet, Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8 and all these arcs on the journey into the past episodes it helped to focus in that regard. Give Futaro a development (which I think is urgently needed) as well as a small push to start the war between the Nakano sisters for the protagonist.

While I've always complained that Futaro can't tell the difference between them, the truth is I've heard these two questions in Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8, it made more sense to Futaro's lack of interest in it. If I put myself in their shoes, all I could do at that moment is to find that I want to differentiate them to help them in the cause that is worst for everyone. However, this is something that may not need to be fully differentiated. Something that the current Futaro can already do. It still bothers me.

Maybe one more reason would be to find out who the real Rena is, but as the episodes progress and the plot progresses, I already see it as unnecessary. Personally, I would try to distinguish them so that I can always recognize Miku, but that's because I already liked her, if not (and for one of her other sisters) I don't see the need to tell them apart. At least not without associating it with love.

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I found 'love' quite curious about how it was treated Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8. Well, I think you showed a lot of different ways of interpreting it. Known, romantic, hypothetical, or "friendship". However, I think I understand this concept a little.

For example the plot of Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8 I see it closely related to the sentence.Love is blind'. Even if the 'love' that is being talked about is not a romantic one.

By the way, the fact that the quintuplets had to look the same in front of their grandfather is pretty strange. Especially since he is the one who asks Futaro if he has the courage to face them. The donkey speaks through ears.

A Itsukis forest!

As I mentioned earlier, the quintuplet conspiracy monopolized this final arc of the family journey. With the final test in it, the final exam. Examination that he would not have passed with the minimum grade.

On a normal tutoring day when I put myself in Futaro's shoes, I think I can tell each of the Nakano sisters apart. In a situation like the one in which Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8, where everyone is disguised as one, my personal result would be different. And even more so if they all looked exactly the same. Regarding the fact that their individualities were not easily distinguishable, how Nino kept his manicure/.pedicure, for example.

Some of these "individualities" became apparent in this chapter. Primarily related to the personality of each of the quintuplets. Most noticeable to me were those of Ichika, Nino and Yotsuba. Ichika had been the group leader since childhood, although this had an impact on taking things from her sisters (since she was small, she had "thief-cat" traits, another thing I began to hate her for). Nino is a train without brakes that no one can stop while moving forward.

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As for Yotsuba, there is again the one who is "the worst liar of the quintuplets". Something I honestly don't believe, and even less after hearing more about their past in the interrogation that Futaro gave them. Yotsuba was the first to look for change, and she was also the first to notice the reactions to her actions. So I think she was the first to learn lying and mastered the art to the point where she lied to herself in order to find a "balance". The ending is wrapped in a loop of lies, which leads to the current Yotsuba.

Well, that is my current perception of the Yotsuba character. Of course, it could change if they show a development that is entirely focused on them. After all, in my opinion, Yotsuba is the least developed quintuplet so far.

Fansrvice in Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8

While I was totally grateful for the fan service shown in the previous episode, Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8 isn't far behind. In fact, it is better in the amount of fan service, although it has one negative point as well. This time the density of the steam was an annoying censorship. I really don't see a need for that vapor, it's not that the scenes were very revealing, they already had their own censorship due to the characters' perception through the various takes. That's why I'm waiting for them Blu-Ray Come on without that thick and annoying vapor. I mean, it was enough that the characters were on their side, covered with a towel or clothing, or with gunshots that barely showed anything under the shoulders.

There were two scenes with fan service that made my heart beat faster: when Miku goes into the bathroom with Itsuki and a moment with touch Yuri between Nino and Ichika. They left for different reasons, but they got the same result. Although, when I had to separate them, I enjoyed the first visually and the second acoustically.

Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8
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Censorship was what bothered me the most Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 8. Since then, the animation seemed pretty good to me throughout the episode. They have retained excellent quality in every way. Also, the musicalization in the scenes helped a lot and was perfect. Honestly, this was my favorite chapter of Gotoubun no Hanayome 2, although the adaptation has changed compared to the original.

I hope this quality will continue in the coming chapters. With a lot of space and potential for improvement.

Speaking of customization, I don't see the changes as very important to most of them. Some took moments of the "future" with them, like seeing scenes again on the day of the wedding. While others would add even more fan service to the chapter, like the quintuplets sharing one final bath with Raiha, as well as the duel between Ichika and Miku in the sauna.

As I said, the vast majority don't seem essential to the plot, so I don't mind that they have been left out or changed. But there are some that I would have liked to see animated, even if they were short scenes of just a few seconds, especially since those dealing with the grandfather of the quintuplets went unnoticed.

Of course, I don't think those scenes would have provided enough material for this arc to have another episode. That's why I didn't feel short.


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