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Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7: The offensive begins

Nino meets his father in front of the building they lived in until recently to be able to speak to him and reaffirm everyone's decision to stick with their current lifestyle for a while. With the fact that Ichika won't be the one to bear the cost of everyone. Words that don't convince his father. At that moment, however, Futaro appears on a motorcycle to bring Nino to the party with his sisters.

On arrival at the bakery everyone celebrates Yotsuba's great work together and shares their cake with everyone. In the end, it will be shared by everyone. At the end of the meal, Nino goes into the kitchen of the premises with the used dishes and wants to thank the manager for the gesture. In the end, however, he is alone with Futaro, to whom he confirms his confession because he did not listen to her when they were on the motorcycle.

Futaro went to the supermarket to do some shopping and met Miku there. Who managed to divert Futaro's attention to a raffle that had a trip as a prize? Futaro wins the trip and goes with his father and Raiha. Coincidentally, the Nakano family was there too, as Miku also won the trip and the quintuplets were accompanied on the trip by their father. Stay in the same hostel.

With his father's constant vigilance, Futaro cannot speak to the quintuplets, but finds a note that appears to be from Itsuki, calling him into the inn's courtyard at midnight. However, he meets Itsuki before reaching the agreed-upon location who tells him that he doesn't want him to continue to be the keeper of all of them. The next day, while talking to Itsuki, they discover that it was one of his sisters in disguise who said these words to him.

Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7
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Guess who

Outside of Nino's part, to end the previous arc, the main story I'm looking at focused more on Futaro and his problem of not yet recognizing the Nakano sisters. Something that annoys me at this point in the story as he had enough interactions with them to at least suspect who each is.

in the Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7 The main secret is to know who the wrong Itsuki is. That you might know his answer by firing, or at least suspecting. After all, one of them is known to play the role of their sisters when it comes to dressing up and another is an actress. Plus, you've always said that they don't need it and emphasized it to the end.

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The fact that Futaro still can't recognize her shows the lack of character development. Something that honestly bothers me a little. His past with Rena contributed most to the development of his character. It was an engine for him to want to recognize her and discover the truth behind Rena. However, I have a feeling that he gradually recognized her, not only for her writing style, but also aesthetically and for personality.

I became suspicious when he easily recognized Miku in the supermarket. Although her hearing aids may have given her away, the former Futaro would have hesitated to speak to her. I am even more suspicious of him because he "interrogated" Miku at the time. Why did she ask if Nino had said something to her (Miku)? If I had always seen them arguing or competing for their differences ... I think Futaro is way more revealing than he has shown so far.

I will take your daughter, sir

As I mentioned earlier, the 'Seven Goodbyes' arc helped the quintuplets perform better. And in Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7 brought out the part of Nino and completed all the parts that the bow in question is supposed to consist of. Accepting feelings for Futaro and even confessing them twice.

From that moment on, I stopped seeing Nino in the same way. Well, her new take is one of the ones I like most to see in female characters. More courageous and / or willing to take the initiative. In all honesty, I like her more than Miku's current personality. However, Nino did not become my favorite quintuplet. Though he's finally a worthy rival in search of Futaro's love. If Nino had been like this from the start, my team would certainly have been different.

In the end has to be whoever I still believe had the best development in the world latest episodes It must have been Yotsuba, followed by Nino, Ichika, Itsuki and Miku. But I felt that things were developing, that Nino was showing better progress in her character than Yotsuba, Ichika and Itsuki shared a place (when they shouldn't have) and Miku was the only one living up to my expectations. After all, she's the one who I think has had the best evolution so far, especially in her approach to Futaro.

Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7
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Returning to Nino's confession, I will not deny that from the first time he did it, I couldn't help but scream, "male fangirl“And since then to have been excited every time she appeared on stage with him. Repeating screaming on more than one occasion during Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7.

About the quintuplet that went into the bathroom with Futaro, to be honest, I would have hesitated a bit in this situation because of the shock and nerves it would have. Even though it's cold, it's easy to know who he was. Well, I knew it wasn't Itsuki, and the only ones I believe capable of doing something this daring are Ichika and Nino ... and considering Nino's admission not so long ago, the answer was very obvious. Provided he couldn't see her.

Fan service

I really appreciate the fan service scenes from Itsuki and Nino in Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7. Without a censorship that annoys as thick steam. While Itsuki was more insightful, the truth is that I felt more like a racing heart with Nino. I really appreciate that they had this quality of animation, much better compared to the previous chapters.

Actually, Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7 I think its quality has improved, although it still doesn't live up to the expectations I had at the beginning. I think it had good animation in general. I am giving back one of the aspects that I like best Gotoubun no Hanayome 2who have favourited High quality facial expressions and close-ups. Of course, there are still some that I have doubts about.

The scenarios have improved, although I still feel that the lighting problem persists. The movement of the characters and objects also shows improvements, I no longer see them as robots.

© 春 場 ね ぎ ・ 講 談 談 / 「五 等分 の の の 花嫁」 」製作 委員会

in the Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7 The two scenes I liked the most were Nino's first confession (when they were riding a motorcycle) and when Nino, embarrassed and annoyed, leaves the mixed bathroom after Futaro doesn't recognize her. But personally I think the latter was of much better quality. My favorite of Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 7. I liked the quality of the print and everything around it, even the lighting, which I think is perfect. During the confession it felt a little (too) light and it seemed "easier" to me.

For me, the most important point of comparison between the two scenes is Nino's hair. Although one was in motion while the other was not. It seemed more detailed in the bathroom. Even in the original work, I noticed that Nino's hair was more detailed than in the animated adaptation. By this I don't mean that it was bad adaptation and / or animation, but that the animation of the series is not yet perfectly synchronized.

He still has a long way to go before he can meet the expectations I had for animation quality back then. But I think they have done very well this episode and I hope they keep improving.


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