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Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6: The Final Trial

Two months before the final exam of the school year, the Nakano sisters have to study to prove to their father that they can keep their word. And everyone shows determination to do so. However, each of them also has different issues in mind for different reasons. Ichika continues to study whenever she can, Miku tries to make a chocolate with Nino's help that Futaro wants to try for himself, Yotsuba feels guilty about the chains they are tying when her sisters saved her, and Itsuki is still too present to save her your mother confuses what she really wants to be in the future.

When Futaro realizes they are stuck, he decides to have a day off with the quintuplets after reading that too much study would be counterproductive. So they go to an amusement park and each enjoy different attractions. However, Yotsuba separates the others to study and apologizes for going to the bathroom, but was spotted by Futaro. Through a conversation with her, Futaro learns why they came to his current school and that he needs someone else's help to teach her. Something that they will do themselves as each has a topic that makes it stand out more than the others.

In the end, everyone's efforts bear fruit and pass all trials. So they decide to celebrate, so Futaro is looking for the only one missing there, Nino.

Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6
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Great job

To be honest, I was intrigued by the work they did to put the narrative together Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6, as the "Final Exam" sheet contains a chapter for each of the quintuplets in the manga. It seemed to me that they did a great job of bringing all of these chapters together and not feeling like the events were forced or too brief.

Well, almost all of the chapters, as unlike her sisters, Nino was the one who had less screen time in this episode. Thanks to that, however, the chapter could end that way and pose a puzzle to know what he's doing and where Nino is. But thanks in part to that, the next chapter promises a lot and as a reader of the manga I can't be more excited to see what's going to be in it. Well, as a preview of the first "cry of." Fangirl male ”in this.

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Back on topic, thanks to the narrative's successful "amalgamation", I never felt like the episode was slow or too long. Count that it didn't have the animated sequences of the opening or the ending. Just as I don't feel Nino's lack of appearance in it because, as I said, it could have great significance in the next chapter.

Incidentally, I found it strange that in the flashback that showed the quintuplets in their old school uniforms, Yotsuba had hair that was just as long as Nino. Something Nino had mentioned recently was just as long as it had been since the five were "equal". Quite curious and a little suspicious. I give more reason to my theory about Rena.

Its provisions

How obvious was Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6 deals heavily with the development of quintuplets. Each in different aspects, but all united by the study. So I am convinced that everyone in this area has changed for better or for worse. I'll skip Nino as she participated very little in the chapter other than what was mentioned about her above.

Ichika, I think this is where I started to see the character would take a terrible path to get to Futaro. Well, even though she had moments in the past, and even in this episode, where she showed the conviction of getting closer to him while still being the older sister. It seemed to me that she didn't have the courage to go after Futaro, but she did it so the others couldn't. It may be a bit of a stretch, but I really saw it that way since she heard Miku's words and didn't even share the same belief. Although at first he seemed to support her in her decision.

Miku finally decided to get closer to Futaro. Take advantage of a great event like Valentine's Day even if it's bad in the kitchen. In addition to her decision to no longer be a student of Futaro in order to find him, she began to see her as a woman. Although I initially had doubts about his plan, I certainly cannot fault his logic.

Yotsuba revealed the chains she felt guilty about. Chains made as a side effect of her sisters' help to save her. But he has managed to atone for himself and show that he does not want to be a burden for everyone. She proves that, like her sisters, she can advance too. However, she is still the one with the least development of her character, despite being in Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6 I am of the opinion that more developments have taken place in both animated seasons so far.

Itsuki realized, thanks to the words of a former student of his mother, that at some point he was missing his mark. in the previous episodes He had already admitted to being like his mother. Wanting to fulfill the role of mother for her sisters. Something that made her want to literally be like her. But she managed to break up and reconnect with her goal of becoming a teacher of her own free will and not chasing after the person she most admired.

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As I said, I have a feeling that this arc helped develop the characters for each of the quintuplets. All with the "studies" as common, but with different end goals.

By the way, I think an event is as important as Valentine's Day for an anime by romance It went pretty unnoticed. Despite Miku's efforts and comments, it was a "lonely" Valentine's Day.

As for the mother of the quintuplets, I personally think she is much more like Miku than the others. Not just because of her hairstyle, but also because she seemed to have a mostly calmer personality, just like her.


Facial expressions were the point in animation that won me over the most Gotoubun no Hanayome 2. Aside from their quality decreasing a bit, I feel like they lost, that they managed to fully express the emotions or feelings this character was having at that moment. I have a feeling that some expressions lack "feeling".

For example in Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6 There were two moments when one of the quintuplets shed tears. Miku with tears of sadness or frustration and Yotsuba with tears of happiness. However, I felt the effect more in the scene where Miku heard Nino's words than in that of Yotsuba, who was finally able to loosen the chains that were tying them. And I am convinced that it must have been the other way around. Also, I feel like they fell short in that regard compared to what I felt while reading the manga.

I think the scene where Yotsuba takes off the chains must have been a lot more influential. Much more than anyone else in Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6. That way he would have felt that nothing left his character development behind. I think it must have been a lot more emotional.

Gotoubun no Hanayome 2 - Chapter 6
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In terms of general animation, for me it's still on the thin wire that is labeled "acceptable". So, unless there is going to be a big change for both sides (good or bad), I won't mention it that often. Although I honestly still hope it will improve as the chapters evolve and return to show an animation quality worthy of the Epsera time it took for this second season.


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