Ken the warrior is a very important work in the history of Japanese culture, a title that has also become famous outside the territory of the rising sun. However, in some episodes there are some brilliant Easter eggs that not all fans of the work know about. Here is a very special one.

Before we go into detail, let us refer you to some insight into Ken the Warrior, in this case the comparison between Toki and Kenshiro. However, the famous anime adaptation of the masterpiece by Tetsuo Hara hides some specific details that you may have missed the first time you watched the TV series.

In this way, a fan has discovered and shared one of the anime's most interesting cameos or the appearance of the protagonists of Saint Seiya: The Knights of the ZodiacAs you can see on the screens below on the news, by sharpening your eye you can track two iconic knights, Andromeda, well recognizable, and Siryu due to the distinctive colors of his armor. A particularly interesting Easter egg that is difficult to observe without external evidence.

And you, on the other hand, had ever noticed anything special Cameo in the Ken the Warrior anime? As usual, let us know with a comment in the dedicated box at the bottom of the page, but not before you've checked out the 5 Best Bad Guys at Work.

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