During the immense pirate epic ONE PIECEMaster Eiichiro Oda presented many more or less memorable characters who, of course, dealt with the deepening of the members of the Mugiwara and also showed the more hidden sides of some of them, but the events of the last chapter seem to have angered Sanji.

The friendly chef has shown several times how much he loves the female gender, to whom he always behaves as if he were a real knight who shows respect and tries Defend or save his adventure companions Nami and Nico Robin from unpleasant and complicated situations. In chapter 1005, however, Sanji became a prisoner of Black Maria, a member of the six flying companions of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, who promised him many long tortures if he did not call on Nico Robin for help.

Screaming "Help me !! Robin !!! I'm on the third floor of the Grand Banquet Hall! I'm a prisoner! I'm sorry! If you don't get there as soon as possible, they'll kill me. Save me!", Sanji apparently turned out to be a hypocrite, the opposite of a real knight willing to sacrifice himself to save his companions, and the worst is that The whole Wano even inadvertently listened to the ridiculous and desperate plea for help. Robin and Brook arrive on site and rescue Sanji, and the archaeologist herself thanked him for trusting his skills. What do you think of Sanji's actions? Do you think it matches what has been shown about the character so far? Let us know in the comments.

Recall that Eiichiro Oda recently talked about Sanji's future, and we leave you to the theories and chapter 1006 publication date.

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