The adventures of the gentleman thief return to the streaming portal of Jeff Bezos' giant Amazon Prime Video through one of the most famous stories of Japanese animation: Lupine the Third. Are you ready to rediscover Lupin's first raids in full version and in high definition?

Over the years we have learned to appreciate the numerous television series associated with the masterpiece of Monkey strikeStill, the legendary 1972 television series has honored a franchise through generations of fans. In fact, even today, the brand is still associated with brilliant collaborations with Gucci and the famous Godzilla monster, and to this day the work is talked about all over the world.

In any case with a press release on their social media, Yamato video announced theLanding of Lupine The Third on Prime Video from today. The legendary television series from Hayao Miyazaki is described by the American giant with the following plot:

"Lupine, the famous thief of Monkey Punch with the inseparable Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko, is always ready to engage in any kind of theft, even the most unimaginable. Always pursued by the tireless Inspector Zenigata, Lupine is constantly involved in it, very dangerous Situations.""

The link to the source gives you direct access to the official Prime Video front page. And will you instead take this opportunity to recreate the anime in its first 23 episodes? Let us know with a comment below.

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