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Chapter 1: After Sakhalin

The cold breeze of memories is the beginning of the arrival in Sakhalin. Asirpa has been captured and Sugimoto must look for her, counting on the support of men from the Seventh Division. In the city they discover that there is an Ainu community. On the way they meet a girl who, with her grandfather, will be their guide to follow the clues that lead to Asirpa. Enonoka and his grandfather are hired to transport them to the Russian city when they heard they were going there, but within minutes they get an argument and are forced to take part in a Russian fight, the stenka, for one to make tattooed ex-prisoners go out.

opinion of a return

Two years have passed and this excellent anime is returning that I thought would produce a little more than Hype because I remember it was a heavily commented anime in 2018 (I thought it was two years older). If you have not seen the past seasons, you are faced with a recommended anime that mixes: story, fiction, theories, real and fictional characters, ethnic groups, religion, comedy, all in a very good way, dynamic and without being difficult be. If there is something that is not understood, like the Ainu worldview, it is commented on because it has its meaning within the plot.

This anime has something that intrigues me, like BabylonIt goes from something so small to something so huge, from which you can learn a lot (literally you learn) about a culture and historical events that are in themselves strange to us Spanish speakers. A very good return.

The beginning of the sequel

Last season put us on a fever, with no return and no short-term solutions. This can be seen in the opening scenes: Noppera-bo (faceless) is killed, Sugimoto is wounded by a bullet in the head, Asirpa shouts his name. Let's just remember that Sugimoto now has an agreement / ceasefire with Lieutenant Colonel - if I'm not mistaken - Tsurumi. All of this is the broth from what we saw in this chapter.

Off to Egi ... Sakhalin

This anime has some influence on the manga / anime of the 80s and 90s, muscular men with bare fighting. In these circumstances it is not difficult to imagine that there are some scenes / themes similar to the third arc of FIG Yoyos. But for our heroes, Sakhalin is the starting point to find Asirpa. Sakhalin is an island that was divided into two parts, Japanese and Russian, at the time of the anime, which stayed that way until the end of World War II. This seems to be the setting for some of the events we will see in the following chapters, so we need to familiarize ourselves with the environment.

Persecution of Asirpa

Inkarmat was the one who told them Asirpa would be on the island. On the same island, a villager tells them that they saw an Ainu girl. When they looked for her, they found that it was not Asirpa but someone else whose name is Enonoka. This Ainu girl seems very mature, so much so that she even negotiates with Ensign Koito (one of the scenes she liked the most). His grandfather doesn't seem to speak or understand much Japanese, so Enonoka is responsible for communication. Enonoka tells Sugimoto that she saw the girl in the photo they are looking for, who was accompanied by 3 men, only Asirpa looked sadder. This was the reason to go to the Russian city.

Why does Sugimoto have so many photos of Tanigaki, half-naked and in suggestive poses? So much so that Asirpa's photo barely appeared, it was like finding a letter in a deck of cards. Aside from a few exaggerations of the anime, they were allowed to take such photos.

Hijikata and the Russian village

Hijikata is one of the most interesting and deep characters in this anime (and historically). His appearance was brief but with strong words worthy of a person who, dead, continues to scare: They are not interested in gold but in what goes beyond it. Gold is only the means to an end, what moves you, your goals. Hijikata is a revolutionary conservative, he tries to save the old Japanese values, not in Japan, but in his longed-for Second Republic of Ezo, because the first did not turn out as he wanted.

Sugimoto and his company arrive in the Russian city and like good patriotic Japanese cling to the Russians on their first chance, which at first seems counterproductive as they steal the dogs they pulled from the sled, despite being one brings a certain person closer. .

Tracks and Stenka

The owner of the bar asks Sugimoto to take part in the stenka to replace the guy he hit so they can return the dogs and in exchange for information, but they get one more piece of information, there is an oddly tattooed man, who can participate, this prompts them to leave.

(Stenka, more than a fight for a fight, has its rules and is currently practiced as a martial art. Stenka na stenku looks like a Russian metal album. If you are looking for information about this sport, your best bet is in Russian or English to look for it.)

Sugimoto, Tanigaki and Koito decide to take part because their wounded Japanese were wounded by the Russians, who told them that a Japanese could never fight a Russian to whom Tanigaki said: Did you forget we won the war?which was very funny for anyone who understands the joke made in this comment. In this part one of the best scenes takes place, that of the "documentary", and one of the best pictures, that of the group whose upper body enters the arena in the air. As expected, the Japanese victory and the mysterious man in the shadows are shown.

I have to say that it was a good start and makes you want more. Secrets will always be the order of the day. Let's see how the plot develops, which in itself promises a lot, because it seems that they are not even halfway there.

PS: It is true that Russians are not afraid of bears war and peace Russian soldiers tie their commander to the back of a bear.


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