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Chapter 3: Igogusa

Asirpa and his company are tracking down Asirpa's father Wik, while Kiroranke tries to win the trust of little Ainu. In Abashiri, Commander Tsurumi tries to get Nikaido out of his condition. Sugimoto's group says goodbye to Gansoku and Tukishima threatens to murder him if he returns to Japan. This is also addressed to Sugimoto when he returns to a state of insanity while the sergeant keeps memories of the adventures of a love that was never remembered without knowing that a master plan was woven behind his back.

Chapter Opinion

Finally, I saw part of the essence of this great anime, where in a single chapter (and perhaps in the elimination of some parts of the manga) it is possible to tell a deep story that could be a work of its own. I have to assume that the fact that they bring us the memories of Tsukishima is not unfounded and has to do with certain future actions. Maybe he'll find out what Tsurumi did, or maybe that works against Sugimoto. The order of the chapter seems to me to be good because although it stops and doesn't progress much, at the same time it gives us precise information such as that Asirpa is the key to finding the gold, then they show us Tsurumi, who is in the last part will be relevant. It is incredible how an almost absurd sense of humor can turn them into very serious.

Asirpa and company

Kiroranke is the leader and leader of the group and deserves Asirpa's trust as he knows the Ainu traditions and was also a friend of his father's. But their intentions are darker, they want Asirpa to reveal the key in the end to find the gold, the card means nothing without that key and Asirpa is the key. They play with her by telling her to follow up on her father's clues when they really use it and get rid of it when it is no longer useful. I think they will keep Shiraishi because he has the tattoo and because he is someone that Asirpa trusts and he can be helpful in some things.

The adventures of a love that never existed

In the cold white, Tsukishimi remembers his moments of dark warmth as he has to tolerate the lack of love of a father who does not love and the momentary impossibility of being with his beloved. Tsukishima has to fulfill his duties in the war and promises to return, but that would be the last farewell because in return everyone considered him dead and found themselves with the misfortune of the suicide of the only woman who says his name. He searched desperately for her and couldn't find her, which sparked his anger at the only culprit, his father, who spread the rumor of his death.

Tsukishimi's life is tragic and Egogusa was the only one keeping him down, the only reason to move on. It's hard and so real that we can empathize, although it's a shame. Who hasn't cried a love And wouldn't it be worse to lose it knowing that it will never exist again?

A master plan

The resigned Tsukishima accepts his judgment, but Tsurumi gives him hope for life by telling him that he saw her and spoke and that she gave him something he can so much give him, the unmistakable mark of her hair that he loved so much. He learns Russian and goes to war, but he learns the truth, Egogusa was dead, confronts the commanders and in this battle the Russian bomb, as a result of which Tsurumi loses part of the frontal skull, but gains an ally for life because he has won his Person under a web of lies, although I release him from the burden of being his father's son.

To be honest, in this part I don't remember what is real and what Tsurumi's story was. All I can say is that the commander has always shown himself to be someone who is very intelligent and capable, an enlightened madman, and in this part he shows his ability to be convincing. Tsurumi has the gift of speech and salvation to be a good messianic leader.

In conclusion, I just want to say: An excellent chapter in which we realize the world is small when Sugimoto appeared in the attack, saved Tsurumi and Tsukishimi, but wept for his friend. They are male tears.

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