This review on Golden Kamuy 3 contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter we recommend that you do it and then go back to read the review.

Chapter 12: Live

Koito and Kiroranke see their confrontation interrupted by a shot on the second, defeating the Russian fall, not without playing the last bomb. Asirpa hears her last words and her father's old friend dies while speaking Sofia's name. They go to town to find a doctor for Tsukishima and Ogata. The severity of both is crucial. They manage to find him, but Ogata must be rushed to his hospital, from which he is able to escape due to his habitual cunning. With one less load that they will find again in the future, they return to Hokkaido.

Chapter Opinion

What the chapter lacked was one final scene to know what it could bring us and to give hope for another season. The chapter generally corresponds to the lines and its second part is better than the first because Ogata created a brief tension. I don't feel like the chapter said much, or in any case not much was revealed, just a few details, the most interesting was Gansoku and Svetlana. What I didn't like is that Gansoku came out of nowhere, although there are coincidences, it seemed too coincidental. If we see it as the final chapter, last season was a lot better.

A bitter end

Kiroranke was a good character and antagonist, but he doesn't seem to have done much on that arc. I could say that it was wasted both in the present and in the past because, according to its experience, it could be endowed with a slightly richer thought. He fulfilled his role, yes, but his death was not fully expected for someone like him who, when memory serves, presents himself as someone more important. The question why he wanted the gold, even though it was good, was it not used, did he have more allies besides Sofia? Did he work for anyone? Did his group leave him alone or was he his own boss? A riot is not armed with two people. We can only ask: what will Sofia do, who seemed to be walking with a large group?

A perfect escape

The other character whose past was explored was Ogata, who I think performed his role better. We don't know much about Ogata's childhood to say "that's why it's so" because of the Flashback his life takes us back to his time in the army. Since he is not dead, you can learn more about him. Ogata showed tactical intelligence, which is why he was such a good sniper. What we don't know now is whether Ogata pretended to be completely wrong so that he could not act, or it really was, because he must have had enough strength for this escape. Ogata can still give a lot if there is another season, let's hope it will be better used.

Final thoughts

It wasn't a bad anime, very good and entertaining at different times, but it felt a little slower than previous seasons, on top of the lack of characters like Hijikata and Tsurumi even though the first had its chapter, but it has that fear not awakened and terror to which we were already used. But these two characters are overshadowed. Those shown as promising fights lag behind. The circus chapter didn't add much to the plot and its main purpose didn't work. What is absolutely redeemable and good is the cultural mixing with events in order to see how cultures unknown to us have their meaning in the plot and on a historical level. It also seems that the language is typical of each tribe they have gone to, which gives it more realism. I repeat, the anime is still good, but it was small for what it had already offered us.

I hope there will be a fourth season, although nothing suggests it, at least not yet. The story is good and the charismatic characters shouldn't be wasted.


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