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Chapter 5: "Differential Mechanism"

This week in decadenceNatsume arrives with his team of "tankers" in the nest and they find a massacre of "gears". The "Gadoll Alpha", which is considered invincible, arouses the young woman's anger, but in the event of a counter-attack, she has to be rescued by her teammate, who sacrifices himself for her. In danger a second time, she is rescued by Kaburagi, who urges her to flee. However, Natsume convinces him to fight. The cyborg protects her and the other "tankers" and defeats the monster despite instructions.

This frees an experimental "gadoll," but Kaburagi sees certain flaws and manages to destabilize him, and the Decade delivers the final knockout blow. Despite the result, a new scenario full of "Gadolls" opens and Kaburagi is executed by the head of Solid Quake Corporation.

Analysis: The young woman who dreamed of the final battle and the final battle of a warrior

decadence proves to be a confident product again. The script follows the above and knows how to tell us a lot in very little. After scenes of fast-paced action without unnecessary melodramas, Kaburagi's execution takes our breath away. On the other hand, when the warrior fights his final battle, the young apprentice dreams of the end of the fight. However, Natsume goes bankrupt at the last minute. The resounding echo of his master's warnings about the fight makes sense and opens a first rift for the ascent of the Platonic cave to reality.


Another part, the narrative arc, prepares a number of new possibilities for the next episode. We're not going to venture daring theories as to whether the death of Kaburagi's physical body implies his actual death, but we're going to defend the horizon of expectations the series continues to create. Hence, we are faced with a story that has reached the crucial moment, the revelation of its basic metaphor. Yes, decadence It consists of 12 chapters with a message that goes beyond the artistic and entertainment that can be enjoyed in a fiction.

""Mistakes are necessary""

The fifth chapter of decadence it leaves us with powerful doses of action and emotion. The final seconds are overwhelming and contain the important learning of Kaburagi in one simple sentence. The message that history suggested to us from the beginning is contained in the verb, in the last rebellious action of our cyborg.

From the beginning there have been references to the concept of "error" in a perfect society. It is the spirit that haunted Kaburagi for years, the driving force that developed him from suicide to warrior through Natsume. The final revelation and rebellion are brilliant because they know how to condense the contents and show the courageous actions of a being who values ​​the truth of his heart about winning his own life.


In this regard, Solid Quake's ideological system deserves an in-depth analysis, which we shall leave behind later.


decadence He catapults the inexperienced and ferocious Natsume into battle, who is saved by two characters who represent something obvious: experience and realism. Kaburagi's sacrifice, however, is not a swan's last song or a futile act of heroism. At the end of the chapter, two key moments are re-focused:

  • His execution, which reveals the essential metaphor of the series: " Mistakes are necessary".
  • Natsume collapses and opens his eyes to Kaburagi's words. Are you going to start doubting your own reality?

Finally, it should be noted that the young protagonist stimulates faith with her strong idealism. This mix of ingredients promises the intrigue of the beholder. What will happen from now on?


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