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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of Kakkou no Iinazuke begins with Erika Y sacchi follow closely Hiro. Even though Erika He actually saw it as a game sacchi I researched what kind of person he is SegawaNot to mention that he expected to see something uncomfortable but could only see what a nice person he was. Hiro it is. But Erika also spoke highly of her sacchi seemed bothered by the fact Erika he would like it Hiro.


Return home sacchi starts making accusations Nagi who likes Hiro, as he thinks she is too perfect for him. Obviously his words were hiding his true feelings. His anger hid jealousy and covered with his angry faces what he really could not deny: his love for him Nagi.

The idea born out of jealousy is to stay a little closer together Nagi, in what way? Go to the same school. This decision that sacchi taken makes it clear that she will not give up. Even with Erika as fiancee of Nagi Nice Hiro as the main character of whom Nagi He is interested, sacchi refuses to be left out.

Sacchi visits Megurogawa

sacchi attends the school they attend Nagi, Erika Y Hiro. She quickly drew everyone's attention for her beauty. schion He was one of those people who was attracted to her, but he was the only one who noticed the resemblance between them Erika Y sacchi.

Hiro appeared and appeared before sacchi as its guide was the only one who was nervous from this encounter Nagiwho believed that sacchi she would seize the moment to reveal embarrassing things about him; so he decided to follow them. Watching her gave him the impression that they were getting along and Erika, who went with him to keep a close eye on them, thought they looked like sisters. The fantasy that arose in the mind of Nagi it distracted him and made him lose sight of her.

Hiro Y sacchi They were outside the building during this time Erika Y Nagi They watched her from afar. Hiro I've only talked about school-related things, but sacchi He asked her a personal question: "What do you think of Nagi?".

Hiro She was pretty honest with her answer. "I promised. But I think Umino catches my eye.". For me it was a clear commitment, even if he couldn't hear it. With reference to sacchiThat seemed to bother her and she said firmly that she didn't think it was right.


The conversation between the two girls was interrupted by impatience Nagiwho ran up to them to ask what they were talking about. But to his surprise, they both claimed to get along. Of course, what happens after that remains to be seen sacchi said, but we'll have to wait for the next few episodes to find out.

Nagi's harem

Two students from Megurogawa watched Nagi eat lunch together Erika, Hiro Y sacchi. As usual, these two couldn't help but feel jealous, but one of them brought up a couple of points that really apply to the situation.

The statement that Nagi is the protagonist of a harem more than successful, but what he said next interested me, but I will define it in my own words below. What usually happens in such situations is that the rivalry is much more appreciated after understanding what is causing one problem at a time. The detail is that the protagonist, the center of the harem, NagiIn that case, he'll reach a point where he only has to choose one, and the way things are going it's clear it won't be easy for him.

I could say without a doubt that this is something we all know, but the fact that they mention it in the anime makes me a little nervous, it makes me think that this is a way for us to understand something like this about to start. Although, to tell the truth, it's pretty obvious since there are fewer and fewer chapters and surely things will take an unexpected turn when we least expect it.

family problem

Nagi was worried about that sacchi decided to go to the same school as Erika and the. Aside from school being a very demanding place, he was concerned that it is also expensive and he didn't know if his parents could afford it. So they decide to check name Y Yohei to find out if they consented sacchi Studied in Megurogawa.

A Nagi It seemed to him that his parents would not agree and that the problem was convincing them, but in fact they immediately agreed and this surprised him. They weren't worried about money or anything like that. But even their solution didn't seem to be very successful as they intended to sell the premises. This led to a small dispute between sacchi Y name, for things related to disagreements. Because that didn't get her any further. Erika He didn't hesitate to intervene.

The words of Erika I found her quite adult and pleasant at the same time. With the best words he found the solution to end this discussion and calm everything down. This lets us estimate how much Erika has evolved and is now a bit more mature than before. On top of that, intervening in the discussion also lets us see that he feels part of the Umino family, so I liked that scene.

Another thing I liked was that Erika he said Nagi. He had previously mentioned that he wanted to change fate, so this time she said that she would also like to change fate and getting involved in the discussion was the first step.


final opinion

the wishes of sacchi to go to Megurogawa are driven by their stamina. To the Nagi will be a much more oppressive phase as the pressure is up for grabs Erika, Hiro Y sacchi close, in the same environment it will certainly be quite difficult for him. Still, I'm looking forward to getting to that point and I hope it happens soon. And I have to emphasize the fact that I'm thinking about what might have been going on in the conversation that took place between them Hiro Y sacchi. I wish I could see a little more of this. You also want to know what happened, right?

BTW, as a highlight of this review, I have to thank Jihye for her help in reviewing chapters 14 and 15. As you may have noticed, I wasn't able to review these chapters and she helped me with that, so I thank her very much for taking the time to do it Without further ado, thank you to you for reading my reviews for watching this anime with me.

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