Reservation! This review on CHAINSAW MAN Chapters four and five contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend watching them and then coming back to read the review.

Episode 04. Rescue

CHAINSAW MAN Chapter four begins with Power's reminiscences of his thirst for blood and discovering the warmth of it. We then see Denji rescue her from the bat demon along with Nyako. However, the fight is not over as the parasitic demon shows up and fights Denji. Exhausted from the previous fight, Denji is about to give up, but a group of fel hunters led by Hayakawa appear. With Denji in the hospital, Hayakawa chooses not to report Power's intentions to eliminate him. As they resume their normalcy, Power appears at Aki's apartment, now she will live with them. Taking advantage of the situation, Power offers to fulfill his deal with Denji. It's time to grope some tits.


Episode 05. Gun Demon

CHAINSAW MAN Chapter five begins right where the previous one ended, with Denji about to fulfill his dream of groping some boobs. However, the experience proves disappointing. Still not understanding his disappointment, Denji meets up with Makima, who tells him about the pleasure of having some level of intimacy. Furthermore, he tells her about the Demon of Weapons and suggests that only he can eliminate him and when that happens she will do whatever he wants no matter what it is. At the same time we get a flashback to Aki's past. Following a lead on a piece of demon weaponry, Denji and the rest of Section 4 Devil Hunters head to a hotel where there have already been several victims. What seemed like an easy mission soon becomes complicated when they find themselves stuck in some kind of loop that won't allow them to progress any further.


a battle of dreams

Once again, Denji's long awaited dream comes under scrutiny to show just how pointless it is, at least it will continue to be so in the eyes and ears of those who hear it. I cannot and will not deny that this is a rather banal dream, but what matters is not the goal, but the effort to achieve it. In this department at least, Denji has shown he has the potential to achieve his goal no matter what it takes. This somewhat simplistic mentality tells us that as long as you want something and you genuinely want it, no matter what the obstacles, there will always be a way to get there. In addition, one must have a strong belief that no one should underestimate this belief that we carry.

Although everyone's dreams, ideals and goals are constantly being weighed on the scales, we must remember that there is no scale that can measure this. Everyone lives their burdens the way they want and can. Revenge, survival or touching some tits are things that mean something different to everyone. It is impossible to measure which dream is better or worse than another, as said, the goal does not matter, what matters is the path taken to achieve it. The effort, obsession, and despair depend entirely on the person who set that goal. Judging these desires based on the subjectivity of our biased perspective is simply wrong. Maybe he didn't understand it well, but some of it was certainly recorded by the parasitic demon.

Between lust and intimacy

Let's not take our finger off the line, Denji's dream is certainly something commonplace and not very complicated to achieve. That was demonstrated when Power allowed him to squeeze his chest three times. What is really tragic lies in the fact that since it is a somewhat simplified dream, there would not be much emotion in making it come true. That's because, as Makima rightly pointed out, Denji's dream only scratches the surface. The real experience he expected wasn't the simple act of touching a pair of tits, the emotion he thought he would experience went beyond that. It's about intimacy, lust without intimacy is an empty act, with no real value. That's why there's a world of difference between squeezing Power's chest and touching Makima's. Since the latter was responsible for creating that necessary "intimacy".

This is something the young woman will certainly not hesitate to take advantage of. Denji still has a lot to learn and Makima isn't afraid to guide him along this learning path in her own way. Obviously to receive something in return, in this case a promise. Following the premise of treating him like her pet, Makima employs an effective reward trick to lure Denji. The promise to eliminate the Weapon Demon could never have gone so smoothly if Makima hadn't been able to further Denji's desire.

Demons and Contracts

Aside from the topic, we're discovering a few new things about demons in these episodes. Aside from the knowledge that they have a twisted personality and that they need blood to recover, they seem to be able to bond. Every demon has very specific desires and they act on them, which isn't entirely crazy. In addition, there is the realization that, in addition to possessed people, demons can also enter into contracts with people, but paying them is not pleasant. In return for using the demons' powers, people must offer something, apparently it must be body parts. Another piece of information that would come as humans are clearly at a disadvantage versus demons.

Another feature to highlight is that it appears that the strong demons are demon fusions. At least in part, since it was emphasized that those strong demons encountered consumed flesh of the weapon demon. Which brings us to another disturbing fact, and that is that flesh calls for flesh, one piece of demon flesh will always respond to another piece as long as they are around. The good news is that they have at least a trace of it, because the bigger the piece of meat, the better chance they have of reaching the original weapon demon.

Finally, we continue to influence the idea that the name gives power. The fear stems from the name and the abstract idea it carries, so it's not crazy that the gun demon was so devastating. And it makes sense that they try to minimize the impact by reporting certain things, especially since it's fear that fuels the demons' strength.

Final comment

CHAINSAW MAN Chapters four and five were episodes full of action, information and different emotions. I like this to see how they wanted to throw the house out the window with animation. Denji's fight against the Bat Demon was pretty incredible, but the fight against the parasitic demon wasn't left behind at all, not to mention the appearance of kon. I think we can be sure that this will get better and better every week.

Before ending the review, let's talk about the ending of these episodes. First off, we have TOOBOE's "Jozai," the ending theme that corresponds to episode four. While it wasn't my favorite, the power-focused visual certainly left a good taste in my mouth, it really was extremely appropriate in terms of timing and pacing.

As for the ending theme of the fifth episode, we have "In The Back Room" by Syudou. Musically it's powerful not only because of the rhythm but also because of the vocals it has. But again, the biggest impact is taken from the visuals, which if you are a reader of the manga, surely caught more than three spoilers out there. Another ending on a high note.

As far as the review goes, I'll leave the usual questions: What do you think of these chapters? What's your take on the demons we've seen so far? If you could make a contract with a demon, which one would you like to agree to?

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