While the Blattdorf prepares for its fight with the Kara organization, which has finally taken its first steps, the Boruto Team 7: Naruto Next Generations he had to deal with a loud turn of his face. One of the heroes of the fourth great ninja war is actually a traitor.

After returning in a touching episode that paid tribute to the victims of the war against Madara Uchiha, Ao has finally made it showed his true nature. The Mist Village ninja is actually an outsider who works for the Kara organization and is ready to do whatever it takes to make the criminal group's dreams come true. But what made him change his face?

Ao was assigned to clear the area next to the airship with the ship and had to face Konoha's ninja and even kill Mugino. But if Team 7 seeks revenge in the next episode of Boruto, the Shinobi expert has already warned his opponents a terrifying statement.

Ao had previously stated that he no longer sees himself as a ninja and gives up the pride of the previously chosen path. However, under pressure from Kashin Koji, angry at Team 7's escape from the Leaf, Ao reveals that he will accomplish his mission it just became a tool intended for Kara, as well as scientific ninja weapons. Will the son of the seventh Hokage get him back on track or is it too late for him? The internal dynamics of Boruto's Kara organization is still a mystery.

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