There are people who take too different paths to continue being friends, let alone how a friendship between a hero and a villain can develop. in the My Hero Academy Clashes between the two factions are the order of the day: on the one hand the defenders of justice, on the other those who want to break it.

Two opposing worlds, which at least initially did not hold back Stopped Himiko Toga from befriending Deku and Uraraka, of course in his own way. However, the recent events of My Hero Academia woke up the girl and made her realize that there is no place for such feelings. Maybe there is an alternate universe where the two could go to school together and live together in a world of justice.

This is the hypothesis of two cosplayers, as can be seen in the My Hero Academia theme photo below. Sakurabrah and Luraiko drew fans' attention to this Cosplay Uraraka and Toga friends with the Yuei uniformwhile walking on the street and smiling happily together. One thing that certainly can't be contradicted in any way in the current battle of My Hero Academia designed by Horikoshi, which sees them against each other instead.

And on the same topic, here is another cosplay of uraraka and toga heroines together.

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