The style of Kentaro Miura, the legendary author of Berserk, has influenced many works on the Japanese comic scene. Sensei's extraordinary expressiveness, which was strongly manifested in the records of his masterpiece, was recently recaptured by a fan in a themed tribute The attack of the giants.

A few days earlier Hajime Isayama said at an event in New York that he was aware of dividing the community over the ending. In any case, the master has improved a lot, both on the narrative level and on the artistic front, where his style has evolved in parallel with the progression of the story. What's happening when Attack on Titan meets Berserk?

An artist on Reddit, a certain one NesRam Porhas created brilliant fan art that reimagines the clash between Eren and the Warhammer giant, but in the style of Kentaro Miura. The result in question, which you can see at the bottom of the news, provides an interesting starting point for pondering what Isayama's famous masterpiece would look like if drawn by one of the greatest manga artists of all time.

The artist has worked on two different versions of the table, but we refer you to the space at the bottom of the page for opinions on which of NesRamPor's reinterpretations best suits the scene.

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