Versailles of the Dead Manga comes to an end

In the app Manga ONE from the publisher Shogakukan the last chapter of the manga written and illustrated by Kumiko Suekane, Versailles of the dead.

For his part, Kumiko began to publish the manga in the magazine Hibana by Shogakukan in January 2016, but moved the post to the Manga ONE app in November 2017 after the magazine stopped publishing. The publisher published the fourth compilation volume on April 17th and will publish the fifth in December of this year.

Work resumed in September 2019 after a one-year hiatus in September 2018 with Chapter 22. This resumption marked the beginning of a "new installment" of the manga and the beginning of the second part in general.

Synopsis of Versailles of the dead

On their way from Austria to Louis XVI. To marry and become Queen of France, Marie Antoinette's car is intercepted by bloodthirsty zombies. The only survivor is Marie's twin brother Albert. Now she will go to Versailles in her sister's dress, determined to continue her life as Marie Antoinette and renounce her own identity.

Now, in the heart of the royal court of France, Albert must face the horrors of the undead as the man who will be Queen of France.

Source: ANN

ยฉ ใ‚น ใ‚จ ใ‚ซ ใƒ ใ‚ฏ ใƒŸ ่‘— (่‘—) / SHOGAKUKAN ๅฐๅญฆ ้คจ ใ‚ต ใƒผ ใƒ“ ใ‚น


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