Square Enix has Canceled manga adaptation from The Misfit of Demon King Academy due to health problems of the artist Kaya Haruka, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At the moment it is not clear how serious the situation is, but the fact that it is the manga was canceled and not suspended it certainly cannot be seen as a positive sign.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy is a series of light novels written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma Converted into anime by Silver Link in July 2020. A second season is currently in production, will have 24 episodes and will debut in 2022.

In 2018, after the release of the second volume of the light novel, Square Enix announced that she would be responsible for the distribution of a manga adaptation, illustrated by the artist Kaya Haruka and is currently being serialized with 4 distributed volumes. Yesterday, July 10th, 2021, the publisher decided to finally cancel the adaptation instead of suspending it or entrusting it to another artist.

Pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease, but if diagnosed at an early stage it can be cured. We hope, of course, that Kaya Haruka can win her fight and get back to doing what she loves as soon as possible. Square Enix will publish more information on the state of the art in the future.

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