It was announced today that the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has established a collaboration with the platform and the company Crunchyroll. This news was published in the financial report for the first quarter of 2021 of the Wwe. Nick Khan, the president of Wwe, revealed that the company's multi-part anime series will air on the platform. Crunchyroll coming soon.

"TO As we continued to expand the WWE brand beyond the Ring, we continued to focus on developing the original WWE Studios programmingKhan mentioned in the report. ยซWe sold a multi-part anime series to Crunchyroll, now owned by Sonyยป. No further details about the WWE-Crunchyroll partnership were disclosed in this report.

It should be noted that this wouldn't be WWE's first foray into the animated series market. Recently in operation WWE network The series has started Warehouse WWE. From the head of Seth greenThis 2016 animated series featured many of the modern day WWE stars, including John Cena Y. Bray Wyatt, in the roles of boys in summer camps, while ex-talents of the company, including Ric flair, Sgt. Slaughter Y. Vince McMahon They were advisors and warehouse staff. Warehouse WWE showed two seasons, each consisting of five episodes, in WWE network.

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