There are some mangas that stay in history for many years after the ending. Sometimes these continue with spin-offs or sequels of various kinds, as happened to Dragon Ball. Others instead remain in the Olympus of the classic and successful works that are always recommended to everyone. IS Slam dunk is one of them.

In fact, we can't talk about sports manga or voice actors without mentioning at least once the splendid manga written and drawn by Takehiko Inoue. The mangaka made its debut in Weekly Shonen Jump # 42 from 1990, published September 18, 1990. This means that Today, September 18, 2020, Slam Dunk will be 30 years old.

A very important and special anniversary for a job that has stuck in the hearts of many. Proof of this is Shueisha's revival of this world among basketball players with the art book PLUS / Slam Dunk Illustrations 2, which also arrived in Italy with Planet Manga. Inoue's return to the world's most famous magazine was anticipated by the preview of # 41 where a Sakuragi comedian was being followed by Akagi, flanked by the other previews with Dragon Ball and Rokudenashi Blues.

Up until that point, Inoue had not been brilliant as it had been published the previous year with Chameleon Prison, which had been canceled after only 15 chapters. The manga about basketball then consecrated him and led him to an extraordinary success, as he was one of Shueisha's best-selling mangas and ever. Despite the landscape in which successful titles like Dragon Ball, Rokudenashi Blues, Dragon Quest, Class of Iron, Keiji the Magnificent, City Hunter, Kochikame, Jojo and Saint Seiya were simultaneously released on WSJ in the fall of 1990, Slam Dunk managed to cut out a large room to become the focal point of the magazine along with the Toriyama manga.

Below, Japanese Twitter user Ken reminds us of the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump, where Slam Dunk first appeared, along with the color pages of the time. Even after thirty years Slam dunk stays in the heart of every fan.

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