As of the beginning of this month it was reported that the author Atsushi Ookubo I had taken advantage of the current history of the manga Enen no Shouboutai (Firepower) to respond to the constant criticism of "unnecessary fan serviceWith the most recent chapter, the author would have deepened his answers. In fact, the entire chapter 281 focuses on the answers of Tamaki Kotatsu to the crowd criticizing her for undressing for the fight.

Since practically the entire chapter contains Tamaki's opinions on the points of criticism (the fans look at are also answers from Ookubo) we're going to pick just a few of the most relevant lines for this article. A mother, outraged by Tamaki's attitude to undress, exclaims: "Why do you keep calm All this stupid girl does is undress all the time. She just thinks that everything will be fine when she's naked because she's young and cute!».

Viktor Licht answers: «You say he shouldn't because he has a nice body? Let's say you wouldn't mind if I was an older person with an unsightly body?». The woman replies: «Exactly! Everyone should have a chance !! It is unfair that only people with curvy bodies should be commended for their looks !!».

His "son" interrupts him and says: «Mom, what you say doesn't make sense ... If this girl has to be considerate of others because she looks prettier than others ... So, do you mean that everyone who excels at something needs to be considered too? You're an elite researcher in Hajima, so you stand out in that regard, right Mommy? But if there was someone who was stupid and couldn't become an investigator even if he wanted to ... Say that, would you let him become an investigator instead? Bad players will be allowed to be major players in the sport and fools will have to be allowed to attend universities. And in music ... There are a lot of bad singers who make a living from their looks».

He concludes: "Being smart is still a talent ... There are tons of people in the world who don't understand how to study. You are wrong. You are intelligent from birth ... I owe it to me that I got the best grades in school. And this firefighter's trained body is beautiful. Such a beautiful body is the test of daily training and hard work. Even if you threaten others with violence to impose your ideals on them ... your sexual frustrations will not be resolved if you don't change».

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