If Goku is the ruthless fighter we all know today, credit is not due to training in the space of mind and time or under the guidance of Whis. The first to train the legendary protagonist of Dragon ball it was Master Roshi who had a very special method.

Long before he met Whis, when he was a naive but incredibly brave kid, it was GokuPupil of the genius of the turtles. Together with his eternal friend Krillin, the Saiyajin underwent the special "treatments" of Master Roshi, from whom he inherited the mythical Kamehameha.

Before the workouts in the High Gravity Chamber, those in the Spirit and Time Room and most recently with Angel Whis, Goku trained bottles of milk deliver and restore the empty.

This historic training, conducted by Goku and Krillin under the guidance of Master Roshi, was honored in the new character from BSix Studio. Based on episode 17 of the first cartoon series, this collectible statue portrays the trio as milk cartons in hand, cross the mountains. From today's perspective, this training may seem trivial, but if Goku is now able to challenge the gods, it is only thanks to what he learned from the genius when he was little more than a child.

The miniature, equipped with LED and around 35 centimeters high, it will hit the market in the 2nd quarter of 2022 at a price of 295 euros. We leave you this other Goku baby figure from Dragon Ball and a wonderful, nostalgic Bulma cosplay.

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