The fifth season of My hero academy is drawing to a close, but the criminal saga still has a lot to tell. After regaining memories of his past, Tomura Shigaraki gets a makeover.

The violent field war between the superpowers' liberation army and the Union of Villain is pushing the members of the latter faction Overcome your limits. In fact, in the past few episodes, driven by the will to live, Toga has managed to improve her quirk, while Twice has finally regained consciousness to save her friends.

However, the great protagonist of My Villain Academia is Tomura Shigaraki, who tries to prove that he is the worthy successor of his master, All for one. During the battle with Ri-Destro, the treacherous leader of the army, Tomura suddenly regained his memory. The young villain, aware of his origins, is ready to wipe out his rival. But first you need a Change appearance.

A preview of Shigaraki's new design was published in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Apparently, the appearance of the Union leader will change fundamentally at the end of the clash with Ri-Destro: your hair turns white.

In fact, this white-haired version has appeared before, more precisely in episode 107. The events of the arc of theEndeavor Agencythat preceded this saga actually preceded My Villain Academia chronologically.

What do you think of this "new" Tomura? We leave you to Nana Shimura's mistake in My Hero Academia 5x23 and the My Hero Academia 5x24 preview.

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