In a popular comment forum in Japan, fans began discussing the season premieres of Spring 2023 (April-June), which has officially started and whose series are all on the air. Although the premieres of Oshi no Ko, Kimetsu no Yaiba And Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku They have the expected acceptance, it seems they don't understand very well why a series has gone practically unnoticed: Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu (The dangers in my heart).

The story focuses on Kyotaro Ichikawa, a disgruntled loner who dreams of violent revenge on his much more popular classmates, particularly class idol Anna Yamada. However, when he realizes that Anna is quite peculiar in her own way, he develops feelings for her.

It's pretty clear the franchise has been pretty unpopular this season considering not many have turned up."memes’ or screenshots that have become trending on social networks. In fact, the only relevant thing that came out was a comparison between the two protagonists to hentai. Netokanoa netorare court history.

Anyway, the Japanese fans left a variety of comments on this situation:

  • «Something is different in the atmosphere of this romantic comedy».
  • «The animation isn't exactly from another world, and since it has to draw on a not very innovative story, it goes unnoticed».
  • «The romantic development is pretty slow, and the cast of characters doesn't help much. Komi-san also has a very slow storyline, but there are many lovable characters, that's the difference».
  • «The opening and ending sequences are the best they have, but if that's all I can watch on YouTube.».
  • «When the manga was just beginning, the story was really interesting. But now there are many other similar ones.».
  • «In my opinion they took too long to adapt it to the anime».
  • «Anna Yamada is a pretty girl, but in this day and age of rom-coms, you have to have an interesting male lead as well. It's not Ichikawa».
  • «Unfortunately, a rom-com without ecchi is no longer interesting these days. Who do we have to thank for this degradation of the genre?».
  • «Being a short, big-headed, unattractive leading man is impossible to be popular with fans. In the true story, he would be the protagonist of a Netorar story.».
  • «Strangely, this story and Kubo-san's seems very similar to me, but obviously Kubo-san is much more popular. Why will it be?».
  • «When The Dangers in My Heart was released, a lot of people talked about it. Five years have passed, apparently many have already forgotten its existence».
  • «I also think it should be mentioned that Yamada is a normal girl, I don't think she has the potential to be a "waifu".».
  • «Ichikawa's character is bad for this kind of story. It gets better when he gets involved with Yamada's friends, but by then most viewers had already left for other plays.».
  • «This story started out pretty scary but original. Nowadays it's just an ordinary romantic comedy.».
  • «I'd rather see Kisekoi than that».
  • «The protagonist is hopelessly unsympathetic, as if the series wants to sabotage itself. Until the useless protagonist of Kawaii, Dake ja Nai, Shikimori-san was more interesting».
  • «Unfortunately, other romantic comedies have done a lot better than this one. It seems the public is tiring of the same old formula: "unpopular boy meets popular girl," what novelty».

Spring: Yaraon!

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