Spy x Family keeps getting awards, a manga by Tatsuya Endo that tells the story of an unusual family consisting of a secret agent, an assassin with incredible strength and a little girl with telepathic powers.

Spy x family It has become very popular in a short time thanks to the lightness of the plot and the well-characterized and above all very nice characters, able to give life to entertaining and amusing gags and dynamics. The Forger family is the protagonist of the story and united for espionage reasons, but over time the components begin to form a small bond.

Yor Forger is the main female character of the series and is the killer of the family. In fact, Yor has a double identity that few people know: as an employee and mother of the family, she comes across as a normal, kind and warm woman, but when she has to fulfill her secret role, she becomes ruthless, ignoring anyone's face. His secret is discovered by Anya, the telepathic goddaughter, and the two forge a relationship that makes for comical and heartwarming moments. For example, how can we forget Anya's workouts followed by Yor.

The Her cosplay in the training session with white shirt and suit by cosplayer Monpink is an excellent representation of the character at this point. Consisting of very simple pieces of clothing, the costume captures those moments when the woman tried to train the little girl, although not with much success. Though simple, Monpink manages to bring some of Yor's moments to life with effectiveness and fidelity.

There's sure to be more moments for the two as Spy x Family Season 2 comes along.

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