The battle in the kingdom of Clover has begun and things are about to get ugly. In the previous chapters of Black clover The strength of Lucius Zogratis and his adepts, the Paladins, being able to kill powerful characters with a single blow, was immediately apparent. And sure enough, a captain of the kingdom of Clover has died.

The war is far from over, however, as seen in Chapter 357 of Black Clover, where even Mereoleona Fuegoleon started their fight, already taking a lot of damage. And it is precisely on them that the following chapter concentrates, as the first ones show Black Clover 358 spoilers with pictures.

Mereoleona's arm has decayed, but she uses her incarnated form of Hellfire to engulf herself in flames and harness her full power. The Morris version paladin has gained the ability to decompose anything he touches and is amazed to see what looks like the embodiment of mana in front of him. The two start fighting, but both cancel each other out, with Mereoleona creating more and more flames, which are decomposed by Morris, who however loses several tentacles, which he regenerates.

However, the magic knights in the area realize that Mereoleona cannot last long and so many They decide to sacrifice themselves by stopping Morris' attacks, and leave room for their fiery captain to attack the enemy directly. From a distance, Fuegoleon watches the situation during the fight with Salamander.

The Mereoleona's attacks are now aimed at Morriswhich must have a constraint. In the finale of the Black Clover chapter, the woman unleashes a new flaming attack on the enemy.

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