In the final chapters of My Hero Academia, the Resistance tried to contain All for One, but to no avail. Now the villain can go to Tomura Shigaraki to carry out his plan. The My Hero Academia 386 spoilers but I don't agree.

The chapter begins with Tsukauchi pointing out that All for One just passed the city of Ido and asking if there is anyone who can fight, but no one is free. Meanwhile, another police officer warns against it Dabi's flames in Gunga are terrifying, but Endeavor hasn't lost yet, but it looks like within ten minutes Daby will explode from all the flames he has stored inside himself with the ability to destroy anything within a five kilometer radius. Tsukauchi becomes distressed and La Brava warns him that some shelters are near Gunga and would suffer from the blast.

All for One seems to be even faster and is pretty close to using his teleporter now. However, no hero can arrive in time, but at that moment a voice comes from the transmitter. In Kamino, Iida and Shoto are together, both tired. All Might's Bay comes out of the transmitter, warning them that they must get to Gunga as soon as possible. Dabi will explode soon and Endeavor fights with him, but he won't be able to stop the explosion. Thinking that Iida can get Shoto there quickly, All Might motivates the two boys preparing for the journey while Stain watches them and mutters that they are working to save the others.

Now All for One has become even stronger and crueler, but on the way there is Toshinori Yagi, who gets out of his car. All Might begins donning some sort of armor with a mechanical arm while yelling I AM HERE, the same words as My Hero Academia 386's title ending with the Return of All for One VS what remains of One for All. Has All Might's death come?


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