Take a weekly break of 2 weeks?  Danger stop for ONE PIECE and the other manga

ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen and many other manga are published over time thanks to a magazine. The weekly chapters are in fact collected from the very famous ones Weekly shonen jump, a historical magazine that also produced Dragon Ball, Ken the Warrior, and Naruto.

There The magazine appears incessantly every weekMondays to be precise - as long as there are no special Japanese national holidays that bring the outcome to the previous Saturday. The only times you will take a break are the last two weeks of the year, Golden Week in early May and Obon in mid-August.

However, this was a special year: the coronavirus unexpectedly blew up an issue in April, while the magazine had already decided to throw an additional party in the first week of August due to the Olympic Games planned for August. However, there could still be two weeks on the horizon and no one knows why.

The magazine's issues for the next few months will be posted on the Shueisha-managed AdNavi website. # 48 will be released regularly this coming Monday, as will # 49 and # 50 in the following weeks. But this is where the problem arises: According to the site's calendar, There will be no numbers 51 and 52 which should have been published on the last two Mondays in November.

So, after # 50 planned for November 16th, On December 7th there will be the number 01-2021. This hole is very strange and while it may be a bug it may not be obvious in the year of the coronavirus. So all we can do is wait a few more weeks to find out if it's a bug or if Weekly Shonen Jump won't really come out for another two weeks therefore also skip the publications of ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia and the others.

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