Boruto: The ninjas celebrate Halloween in this new illustration

While a new and original story arc is presented in the anime, the protagonists are from Boruto: Naruto the next generations appear in an illustration ready to celebrate Halloween. Let's see

The young protagonists of the Naruto sequel were on the occasion of the holidays in late October depicted with thematic costumes from the staff who produce the animated series. In particular from the official Twitter account of Boruto: Naruto the next generationswe can watch Boruto, the protagonist of the work, in the role of a vampire; Sarada as a witch and Mitsuki as a zombie.

A saga is currently running in the anime, the differs from what is said in the manga, created to introduce the characters of the new and mysterious Kara organization that will be explored later in the original work. The guys from Team 7 in particular had to face this mighty Deepa and while waiting for a new encounter with the latter, they have started intensive training. We examined one of those trainings featured in this Boruto article.

The different ways of the manga and the cartoon series have caused quite a few points of criticism, but this inevitably makes the two works something special different and complementary experiences.

Are you following the series? Do you like this new illustration? I also refer to another article on the recent controversy sparked by the Boruto manga.

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