Jojo's bizarre adventure It's quite a unique series in its narrative structure. The generational change from one Joestar to another has helped to make unforgettable the misadventures of all the protagonists, immortalized in the new joint illustration to communicate the return of the Jojo World attraction.

Waiting to find out what it has in store Hirohiko Araki for the ninth part of the story, Jojo Lands, and to see how the story of Jolyne Kujo continues in the second part of the Stone Ocean anime, the return of one of the most popular Jojo-themed attractions in Japan has been confirmed. Jojo world 2 will open its doors to Rising Sun fans in August 2022, and the official Twitter account wanted to celebrate the reopening with the poster you can see at the bottom of the page.

An emblematic image where they are presented all protagonists with their most important alliesor enemies, as in the case of Jonathan and Dio Brando. In anticipation of the new season's release, Jolyne also joins her family, flanked by Hermés Costello. There is no shortage either References to the symbolism of Araki's work, expressed through the paintings behind the characters. Let us know what you think about this illustration in the comments.

To finish, we leave you with David Production's celebratory video for the 10 years of Jojo's anime.

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