Weekly Shonen Jump has many valuable titles in its ranks and it is often these that make the various Oricon rankings. In fact, once enough chapters have been released, the volumes will be released, which will also make sparks in the market. One of the titles that speaks a lot about itself for various reasons is RuriDragon.

Right from the start, RuriDragon has done very well on Shonen Jump+, but Masaoki Shindo was unlucky to have health problems which have prevented him from publishing his series in recent months. A series that therefore went very well and has now also been tested in tankobon format. The first chapters of the manga were collected in Volume 1 of RuriDragon, which was released in Japan in early October.

How many copies has RuriDragon sold? In the first month, Weekly Shonen Jump revealed there was one Circulation of 200,000 copies for RuriDragon volume one An extremely high number considering that this is a series with only a few chapters and it was made by a newcomer. Unfortunately, there is still no information on the return of RuriDragon in the various magazines, although there are rumors about a possible switch to the Shonen Jump+ magazine, which allows for a less strict timing than the flagship Weekly Shonen Jump.

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