On the official site for the anime adaptation of the manga, written and illustrated by Negi Haruba, Gotoubun no Hanayome (The quintessence of the quintuplets) shared the illustrations given as acquisition benefits of the Blu-ray/DVD bundle of the film, which is slated for a December 21 release in Japan.

The visuals in question include the Nakano quintuplets in Christmas outfits. (because the package will depart on these dates) and others showing their adult versions where you can see their new outfits and hairstyles. On the other hand, the pack will be released in two editions, the regular one and the special one. The special is exclusive to the Blu-ray version and includes a digipak (a stretch sleeve with an illustration) and a reduced version of the booklet.

As a reminder, the film opened in Japan on July 29th in a further 91 theaters, although no official plans have been announced yet crispy roll, which distributes the animated series in the West, for the distribution of this film in Latin America. On the other hand, Negi Haruba published the manga in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha between August 2017 and February 2020 with a total of fourteen compilation volumes. The work inspired two seasons of anime and a film that ended the story.

Gotoubun no Hanayome the Movie Synopsis

As a part-time teacher, Fuutarou is tasked with guiding the five pretty girls who "almost fail" and "hate studying" to "graduation." Fuutarou struggles to prepare for the school festival while keeping an eye on Ichika's studies, who has decided to take a leave of absence to focus on acting, and Yotsuba is even more determined than usual to make it a school festival with no regrets close. Dizzying days pass and before you know it, it's the eve of the school festival.

Encouraged by Itsuki's decision not to give up, Fuutarou seeks answers to Nino's feelings, Miku's determination, and her feelings for Ichika, Yotsuba, and Itsuki. Finally, with each of them having their own thoughts and feelings, the first day of the school festival began, the final event of their high school life. "Come into the classroom at 3:00 p.m., the first day of the school festival." The quintuplets gather in the classroom and Fuutarou finally tells them that he will make a decision...

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