Earlier this year we spoke to you about the announcement of the anime Arknights: Prelude to Dawn, adapted from the mobile video game of the same name. Several months have passed since then, the production was released according to the official trailer showing a preview of what we'll see throughout the series.

Arknights is a popular free video game, developed by the Chinese software house Hypergryph on iOS and Android devices, of the Tower Defense genre. The title inspired several anime-style promotional videos and even a nine-minute animated short titled Holy Knight Light in 2021. An anime television adaptation was announced to mark the second anniversary. We remind you that another video game anime will also appear: here is the trailer and the release for Tekken from Netflix.

Arknights takes place in a Science fiction and futuristic world, called Earth, has been plagued by rare and devastating catastrophes, forcing human civilization to have no fixed home but to live as nomads. Out of disasters a precious one is born Mineral resource called Originium, from which one can draw energy, but which at the same time consumes everything around it. Those exposed to the Originium are affected by one Disease known as oripathy. The mobile title follows two characters with Oripathy who join a paramilitary company fighting the Reunion Movement, a terrorist organization that commits acts of violence against infected people.

The anime series, which is set to be split into seasons, is currently in production Animation studio Yostar Pictures, with Yuki Watanabe as director and Masataka Nishikawa as assistant director. Both have previously worked on the short film made to celebrate the video game's first anniversary. Aya Takafuji customizes character designs for animation. Takashi Matsumaya will voice the character of Ace, who instead doesn't say a word in the video game.

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