Warning! This review on Horimiya The final chapter contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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Page 13. I would give you heaven

Horimiya The final chapter begins with a reminder that graduation is near and they need to take their belongings home with them. Given the premise of an imminent breakup, Remi gets a little emotional, but the idea of ​​going on a trip with everyone restores the atmosphere. For his part, Miyamura can't stop thinking about how a small accident got him to where he is. He wonders what could have been if that hadn't happened. The graduation day is finally coming and everyone manages to say goodbye in their own way. It was all an experience for Miyamura and she realizes that Hori is the one to whom she owes most of all her changes and happiness. We close this wonderful story with a series of photos.

The end of a stage

It was obvious that the ending of this anime would invite us to ponder the ending of a stage. In this case, we are talking about graduating from high school, it is a turning point in anyone's life. From that moment on, everyone will go their own way towards what they want to do in the future. It is something emotional because history does not make us think about it with fear of the future, but with nostalgia for what we leave behind. Adolescence is a delicate phase in any life and many of the relationships we forge at this time become very important. Since it is a complicated time, the feelings are quite uncontrollable, everything becomes more dramatic than it could be and at the same time we can find the simplest solutions.

Life is full of encounters and farewells, but the connection we make in the middle of life gives it meaning. Maintaining a friendship can be very simple and at the same time quite complicated. However, the fact is that if there is a sincere and willing heart there will always be a way. It's true that the end of a phase means change, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Unexpectedly, they may find that the change is not as big as they imagined, and even if it does, they will be able to cope with anything as long as the feeling doesn't change.

An end also means a closure. It's an ideal opportunity to leave behind what we don't need to move on. In order to move towards your future, you need to reconcile with your past. I have to say that I really admire the maturity of Sakura who embodies this lesson. She does not see her infatuation with Tooru with shame and shame, on the contrary, she takes it as an impulse and source of happiness, she is an exemplary girl.

What you gave me

The final consideration remains in the hands of Miyamura, he is the one most in need of reconciliation with his past, and he did. Though, of course, it needs a boost to get where it is. For Miyamura, the greatest happiness was to meet Hori, because thanks to her he was able to transform. This is very important as his transformation took place in terms of his emotional growth and reached the point where he could face the past that he wanted to forget. Izumi really blossomed from within, she discovered her own feelings and emotions and managed to express her longings.

The last part of the episode is thank you prose, and it's easy to tell. Perhaps not all of us have a partner, but we have had or have a person with whom we are extremely grateful for what they have given or helped us. We have an overwhelming need in our hearts to give back a little of everything we have received, but we know that this may not be enough. Gratitude and love are strange feelings because it seems that the more we feel them, the more difficult it is to turn them into action. Although it can be just as curious to see that even in small actions we can express anything we want. Miyamura would give Heaven to Hori if she could, but he knows she would be happier with a cream cake and the future they promised each other.

The demonstration of "and yes ..." was the best condiment to lead us to that final conclusion. It's wonderful how they portray the power of chance and the mysterious form of what is called fate. All of this without forgetting the inevitable, although everything that happened seems to be the work of a fate steeped in incredible coincidences, the reality is that even without it you would have gotten to where you are. It may have taken more time and detours, but their paths would eventually have met.

What did Horimiya leave us in the end?

We have reached the end of this journey, after thirteen wonderful weeks we are closing this story. This anime will undoubtedly stay in the memory of many of us because, among other things, it left us with a beautiful picture of a very well-balanced couple. I know that many have criticized this story for certain aspects, but I dare to say that it is rather superficial criticism. At the end of the day it is clear that Horimiya it does its job of entertaining us and making us fall in love. Of course there were things that could have been better, but in general this was a very well-executed customization job. Since this was an ADAPTATION, it is perfectly normal that everything in the manga has not been put point by point.

One of the good things I pull out is animation. I am especially in love with working with colors. Despite the many jumps, I don't think the script was bad. Finally, he managed to grasp the main conflicts and nuances of the story. The characters are extremely adorable, it is very easy to empathize with them and that speaks very well for the production. Both the opening and the ending are auditory and visual gems, and my greatest praise goes to the opening, which has been transformed along with the story that gives it a closer nuance.

There were also things that cannot be classified as good. The most important was the selection of certain scenes. I think many of us have noticed that, as well as basic scenes, there were others that we might have saved ourselves. The problem with this is that this resulted in us creating certain gaps. We have had moments when it was difficult to understand the decisions or reactions of certain characters. That led us to one of the biggest mistakes in this anime, the waste of characters. There were so many that it was impossible to deal with each one as they deserved to be. This is quite unfortunate, especially in the case of Hori, who herself as the protagonist, her dilemmas and her own growth have been completely disregarded.

Horimiya says goodbye and leaves us with great moments, valuable lessons and very lovable characters. It was a pretty decent adjustment, but it could have been a lot better with more chapters. The topic of self-love in relation to the love you receive from others has been the main axis and knowing how to use it from start to finish, that was perhaps the biggest draw of this story. Hori and Miyamura are a very complete couple who have shown incredible evolution and managed to fall in love and make us sigh and that makes them one of the best couples in the anime world for me.

Final comment

Horimiya The final chapter was an emotional episode in nostalgia. The best thing about this chapter has been the sincerity with which Miyamura's past and present reconciliation is approached with great hope for the future. The love and gratitude that he shows for Hori was perfectly conveyed to us. In general, this was an episode with a conclusion, while open, pretty conclusive to what we were competing for. Like many, I would have loved to see a wedding, maybe kids, but all in all I think this was the ideal way to end this story, with the sweet taste of anticipation for a bright future.

In conclusion, it only remains for me to give you one final note, which is entirely subjective. For me, this anime deserves an 87/100 as I said above, it's a decent adaptation but it's not going to be great. Even without knowing the manga, I think anime leaves some gaps that are difficult to fill, wasted its characters, and forgot its protagonist. Of course, I would recommend this anime to someone looking for a romantic comedy, although this may not be the first choice. And to be extremely subjective, if they had only encouraged Sengoku by praying for a cold blowing his right arm then he would have just given him more notice for that scene.

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So far, I'll leave you with the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? Did you like this ending or did you expect something different? What final grade would you give this anime? When you have finished a phase, the most appropriate thing to do is to overcome it or seek an arbitration that will help you overcome your future.


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