The anime of Black clover has just ended, on the contrary, the manga continues the narrative of the adventures of Asta and the Black Bull, showing numerous battles and keeping the attention of fans like Jazz Chisholm high.

Recently, players own the Miami Marlins showed his love for the series by wearing it Shoes Special. In the tweet posted at the bottom of this news we can see some photos of the boy and if you look closely you can see the familiar colors that cover his shoes. They are indeed Dedicated to the manga by Yuki Tabataand especially to the Magical Knights of the Golden Dawn and Black Bull Companies.

They are present on the left shoe YunoWhile harnessing the power of the Ghost Bell and Captain Vangeance, you can see Captain Yami and on the right auction, the protagonist unleashed in the final chapter of Black Clover. Also in the background are the four-leaf clover, characteristic of the magic books of the two members of the Golden Dawn, and the cinquefoil of the book of the boy who lacks the ability to use magic. The player also wanted to explain the meaning of the shoes he represents Talent and commitment.

Jazz Chisholm is therefore also considered a lover of anime and manga, as is the case with other athletes such as tennis players Naomi Osaka, who recently revealed herself to be Sakura from Naruto.

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