Like every month the chapter of Dragon Ball Super has provided new insights for analysis to better understand the images outlined by Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro with the introduction of the multiverse and its hierarchy. In Chapter 63 in particular, a hero was designated.

Thanks to the sacrifice of Merus, who gave up his life to make it possible for Goku a chance to defeat MoloThe fate of the battle has fundamentally changed, especially since the protagonist seems to have triggered a new evolutionary process at the end of the chapter. In either case, the clash between the angel and the magician has reserved various pieces of information about the angels' abilities, in this case about their ability to hide their divine status.

Merus' case was quite peculiar, as an apprentice to the Galactic Patrol squad as one of the most skilled warriors. During the fight with Molo, the magician was surprised to find that his opponent was "veiling" his powers. This move not only enabled him to stay alive longer, but also made it clear how Merus could work for the Galactic Patrol without being recognized by anyone. A real power limiter This underscores the myriad abilities of the angels, creatures that are altogether considerably stronger than the gods of destruction.

What other aces up their sleeve do you think angelic creatures are hiding? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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