When it comes to tireless writers, Rumiko Takahashi stands out in the front row considering the amount of work he has published during his career. Currently, the author is ready to publish a new manga in the magazine, some details of which are already known.

Takahashi Sensei is the face behind Inuyasha, one of the shonen-style titles that has accompanied the growth of entire generations of enthusiasts. Her works are appreciated all over the world, just think of the new season of Lum, so much so that even today the mangaka is launching new projects including one Expected to debut April 5th.

However, it is a self-contained project to be published in the magazine Great comic originali.e. from a single chapter of several pages entitled "The power of money'. The plot revolves around the story of a life-boring pensioner who one day has a miraculous encounter: will it be love or not?

The magazine has also programmed a color page for the occasion. And you, on the other hand, are interested in this one-shot manga by Rumiko Takahashi? As usual, let us know with a comment below.

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