Kentaro Miura has been telling the story to the public for the past thirty years berserkthe quintessential dark fantasy manga first published in Japan in 1989. The series received an anime adaptation in 1997 and later an animated series in 2012.

The plot follows the story of Gatsu, a lone warrior who joins the Band of Hawks led by Griffith. Gatsu is the undisputed protagonist of Berserk, a cruel and cynical warrior who seeks revenge on the demons that took everything he loved from him. His rival is Griffith, the charismatic leader of the Band of Hawks, who has a very ambitious dream for which he decides to sacrifice everything, even the lives of those who have helped him for so long. And that's exactly why a feud begins between the two berserker characters that will lead Gatsu to travel and find deadly armor.

The Armor of the Berserker is one of the manga's icons and a crucial element in the story of Gatsu. The armor is made of a mysterious alloy, and once worn, Gatsu becomes a fearless and ruthless warrior whose sole aim is to slay the demonic monsters that his friends have stolen from him. However, the armor has a side effect: Gatsu loses his humanity and becomes a real berserker, capable of destroying everything in his path.

The female Gatsu cosplay wearing the berserker armor created by Arisu always sees the protagonist with shaggy hair, partly white from the strain of the armor, the latter being noticeable. All black, this suit prepared for the occasion shows the heaviness and strength of the protagonist. Now we are waiting for the release of Berserk 372, still unknown but in the meantime you can check out this cosplay of Caska from the Band of Hawks.

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