The island of Onigashima is now made up of several chapters of ONE PIECE the theater of war for Wano's supremacy. With several battles raging on the streets of the country, Jinbe, the youngest member of the Mugiwara, faced a formidable opponent who asked him some very interesting questions.

The fish man former member of the Fleet of Seven he found himself against one of the six flying companions, who's who. The two opponents produced an intense, also very special fight. Kaido's subordinate actually has several questions about a certain legendary character named Jinbe. posed the sun god or even Nika.

In a short sequence during the fight, we reveal interesting details about Who's-Who past his captivity and how he finally managed to escape kept thinking about the legend told to him by a guard who later disappeared. Despite the numerous and powerful attacks, Jinbe resists attacking enemies and eventually manages to hurl his Demon Brick Fist Throw who's who after kicking his tail.

A very important twist that underscores Jinbe's power once again, and probably its relevance in the conflict. Remember that Yamato was honored with a beautiful cosplay and we're going to keep you among the top 20 characters who have appeared in the manga most often.

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