Thanks to the translations of Dr. Lava, in the last few days unpublished curiosities about the first years of life of the animated series of the Pokémon, whose screenwriter was Takeshi Shudo.

This time we learn of a particular event while writing the first, historic Pokémon movie. The author, to find out more about sailors and their lifestyle, went to a seaside bar. Here he used to have a few glasses, despite the fact that his doctor strongly advised him against:

"Alcohol helps me to make sense of all the lines of dialogue that go through my head, and to clear my mind when I feel confused and scattered. For some reason, when I drink I can ask strangers the most annoying questions, and not ends in a fight. We don't even end up in a discussion. There should be this kind of mentality, like "people are people", "I am me", so no matter what someone says, it shouldn't bother you. If I can't drink, I take tranquilizers (of course those that you can normally buy in a pharmacy, not illegal substances). When I am a little done I can clear up all the confusion in my head. "

Is the legendary Pokémon Lugia male or female? The mystery is finally revealed thanks to an old post by the writer. A scene between Ash and Misty in Pokémon's second feature made Takeshi Shudo terribly angry.

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