The fight with the criminals is over, but the war has only just begun: All for One and his minions are wreaking havoc in Japanese society, forcing many to seek refuge in makeshift shelters or in self-sufficient communities, between ruined cities and heroic fortresses. The world of My Hero Academy it has become dark.

The same fate temporarily befell his protagonist, with Deku having to be rescued from this dark drift, dropping out of school and leaving his ties behind so he could face the villains of My Hero Academia without having to endanger his life from others People, especially considering the One for All mystery has been revealed. However, Yuei's 1-A did not fit and so saved the boy, especially thanks to the hand of Ochako Uraraka.

That same girl was not only the one who pushed the plan to find her boyfriend, but also under the Stage lighting in My Hero Academia 6x24, one of the final episodes of the season. In this scene, also uploaded to Youtube, which you can see above, Uraraka stands out from everyone else and tries to convince all the civilians who have taken refuge in the Yuei to let Deku go in despite the target the boy is carrying to take up their ranks on his back. The speech above all touched and hit the protagonist, since he too needed a jolt, but it was also necessary to hit the soul of fear and bring some serenity.

Uraraka has therefore become a hero who can save other heroes, a thought that had been on his mind for some time. Will he be able to stay on that track?

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