While enjoying the amazing debut of Oshi no Ko, considered by many to be the best anime series premiere, Aka Akasaka prepares to release a new work. In addition to Nishizawa 5mm, responsible for the illustrations, the serialization of Renai Daikou.

Also known as Akasaka successful worldwide Kaguya-sama: Love is war, whose popularity has made him one of the top writers of the last decade. Released from 2015 to 2022, Kaguya-sama's winning ride was followed by 2020's debut Oshi no Ko, the second work to confirm mangaka status. Recently, the anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko amazed the audience.

Again, while serialization of Oshi no Ko is still ongoing, Aka Akasaka is preparing to release a new manga. This new work is titled Renai Daikou and will feature illustrations by Nishizawa 5mm. For Nishizawasi, this is the absolute debut with a manga series. There Serialization begins April 27 with issue 22-23/2023 of Weekly Young Jump. At the moment there is no information about the plot of this series, but as we can see from the beginning Key image by Nishizawa for Shueisha The protagonist of the work is a girl with blond hair and blue eyes who cuddles a yellow Pomeranian with a leaf on her head in her arms. Given Akasaka's track record, it would be surprising if Renai Daikou turned out to be a flop.

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