From pirates in the world of ONE PIECE there are many, especially considering that the protagonist is one of them. Luffy must face several on his journey to make a name for himself and become stronger and more respected. Recently, however, he and his crew have encountered some very dangerous ones.

In Wano, the land of Emperor Kaido, there is the Emperor's entire crew, starting with him and his three disasters, to other elements such as Tobi Roppo, former captains who were defeated by Kaido and forced to join his crew, or they did it voluntarily.

Black Maria is one of Tobi Roppo's members, this elite of Kaido's pirates, and presented during the Wano story arc in the ONE PIECE manga. Her appearance is that of a sensual and fascinating as well as gigantic woman, she wears a long black dress of Japanese origin with red motifs, her blond hair is adorned and styled with various clips and pins.

Black Maria possesses a mythological Zoo Zoo that allows her to transform into a modified version of a giant spider. Thanks to his skills Black Maria can attack her enemies from afar with cobwebs and thus avoids direct combat. Occasionally, however, he can also attack with brass knuckles at close range.

The character who has now disappeared from the pages of the manga returns in this one Black Maria cosplay videos made by Capuletcos who makes it to the smallest detail and brings horns, whistle, clips and everything else.

@capuletcos I can't believe I actually made new tiktoks 🤣 I hope you guys enjoy the new cosplay 😊 #blackmaria #blackmariaonepiece #onepiececosplay #cosplayer #wanokuni #onigashima #onepiececosplayer ♬ Original soundtrack - XVX

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