Over the years, Miles Morales has fought opponents of all stripes, very often risking serious injury, and forging a reputation in New York that is inferior to ja's Spidermanbut what allowed him to finally be considered a full-fledged superhero and step out of Peter Parker's shadow.

This was also possible thanks to the numerous capabilities that characterize the two Webweavers, such as the last one presented in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #5. In the course of a confrontation with The Rabble, a girl who missed the opportunity to enter Brooklyn Visions Academy because of Miles sets out to destroy the protagonist's life by directly attacking his home and family.

Though Miles was able to save and protect her, during the fight he decides to go wild and unveils a surprising new ability in his already vast arsenal. In fact, Miles manages to generate a sword consisting of the same bioelectric energy used for Poison Strikes. A scene that impressed many readers, especially those who had seen a similar force in the CW-produced series The Flash, based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name.

In the series, Barry, Reverse Flash, and other characters can manipulate the Speed ​​Force to create weapons such as swords and whips. However, this ability achieved by Miles is undoubtedly linked to the level of Mastery of energy achieved over the years went on to fight crime and increasingly powerful and dangerous enemies. Being able to manipulate electricity as if it were an extension of his body will certainly be central to Miles' future, although this run's authors, Cody Ziglar and Federico Vicentini, have many of the details regarding the true ones Skills from miles have not yet been researched.

And what do you think of this surprising level jump for the character? We await your opinion in the comments. Finally, here are the details of Spider-Boy, Peter Parker's new ally.

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