During the event AnimeJapan 2023 the production of an anime adaptation of the manga, written and illustrated by pomu, Senpai is an Otokonoko (Senpai wa Otokonoko). The statement did not reveal any production details or a planned release date, but included a special message from the author, who wrote:

  • «Thanks to all your proselytizing and voting and whatnot, this has finally happened. Thanks very much!» and refers to the fact that the manga was included in the annual poll of "Manga that you would like to see adapted to anime“.

Pomu began publishing the manga through the digital service LINE manga in December 2019 and finished it in December 2021 with a total of one hundred chapters published. Pomu is also the author of the manga Shinobimasu!published in the journal Manga time Kirara Max since September 2017.

Summary of Senpai is an otokonoko

Makoto Hanaoka, a sophomore, easily attracts the attention of others. Saki Aoi, a first-year student, is no exception and falls in love with Makoto at first sight. He has a lively and energetic personality and does not hesitate to confess his feelings to his superior. However, Makoto is significantly different from the person Saki perceives: Makoto is not a girl, but a cross-dressed boy!

After revealing his well-known secret to Saki, Makoto hopes she will be upset. Surprisingly, this revelation captivates her. However, he continues to reject her, but Saki's determination doesn't stop her from declaring that she will become his first love. With Saki and his childhood friend by his side, Makoto's world lights up and empowers him as he struggles between his interests and the expectations placed on him.

Spring: Weird Natalie

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