We are in the final stages of The attack of the giants and everything seems to be in its place in the huge global chessboard drawn by Hajime Isayama. The mangaka is now drawing the last chapters of his manga and if he stays true to his intentions, it will only accompany us for a few more months.

After a few months of disappearance, Eren Jaeger returned in Chapter 130 of The Giant's Attack. Obviously, he appeared in his disfigured form after absorbing Ymir's power, which gave him some of the giant ancestor's powers. Command a large group of colossal giants Eren has arrived on the banks of Marley and his looks deserve a horror manga.

Immensely larger than the fifty meter giant, Eren is a pile of bones: She walks on an infinite number of ribs, while her spine extends for several meters and ends with a skeleton-like and disturbing head full of fine black hair that frames a demonic face. In a part of his body, between the arms and the spine, there seem to be threads that are very similar to those of a puppet.

All of Marley's soldiers, who saw the silhouette in the smoke of the protagonist of The Attack of the Giants, were shocked and terrified of a picture that seems to prepare for the arrival of hell on earth. And what were your impressions? Eren's new transformation? Do you find it suitable for the seemingly true villain of the manga? And what can we expect in The Attack of the Giants 131?

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